From Seed To Smoke #4: Two More Plants Added To The Flower Room!!!!

last year

#PerpetualGrow is pretty exciting!!!!

First off I apologize for the delay with this update. I have had a pretty crazy week so far. Nevertheless I am still here!!!!!

If you have been following my updates I am attempting to get a perpetual grow going because I am an impatient person. I can't see myself always having to wait months for a harvest. I know I am a beginner but I live a challenge.

4 girls in the boom-boom room!!!!

On Monday I put another two plants in the flower room. I tied down some unruly branches and popped them in. I have been a little lazy and have not switched to out the lights yet. I plan on putting my T5 in there and taking out the CFL setup. Eventually I will get an even better light but for now I will make do with what I have.

My veg area is looking shorter.

I have a total of 12 clones in my veg area. I just put 10 in red cups and two are still in the humidity dome. These clones were already in bloom so they will take a little while to bounce back. The bigger ones I have in red cups will be transplanted in one gallon pots sometime this week. I am gonna tie down the digger one before it gets too unruly. I rather have short bushes!!!!

Here's another look at the ones I just put in flower.

Today is officially day 16 of flower for the older ones in my flower area. Hopefully there will be about another week and a half of stretching before the plants start to really pack on the budds. I think the one in the red coffee container will finish first. Check out the pistols compared to the other plant.

I think the one in the coffee can is done strecthing and focusing on making budds. I'm a little sad because I wanted more sidebranching but it's whatever. I'm just happy to be growing some!!!!! Hopefully by early March I should be harvesting my first budds.

Well that's pretty much all I got for this update. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Leave any questions or tips in the comment section!!!!!

Now Go And Get Ya Smoke On!!!😎

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Always beautiful when the buds start to pistol


Hell yeah!!!

Wow this plant are doing just fine and looking so beautiful you are really taking care of it keep it up.


Thanks a lot. Yeah I definitely take care of them at least I try to!!!

Nice update

The room is starting to get nice and full and that's always a good sign.


Yeah I think that I am gonna run out of space.


Always way to make space haha

You're doing a great job man, your plants looks perfect.... why did separate those four girls from the rest?


The four are in flower.

Very impressive, you're room is well organized and the setup is great! What i wouldn't give to have something like that :)


All it takes is a small closet!!!!

Nice picture

Coffee can kush ;)