From Seed To Smoke #2: The Poor Mans Nutes!!!!

last year


Is all I can say after my post went bonkers last night. Thanks to all who voted and left comments. It is very appreciated!!!!

Now to the reason you are all here!!!!

Yesterday I bent the shit out of one of the plants in the flower room. She was just way too stretchy. Here's a picture

Here is how she looked less than 24 hours later!!!!

She is determined to reach as high as she can!!!! I really wanna put in a scrog net but since I will be harvesting every two weeks #perpetualsog it would be a huge hassle. My closet's entry makes my space long and very uncomfortable to work in.

The meat and potatoes

This is definitely a poor mans grow but I truly believe that you dont need to spend thousands of dollars to grow good weed. Everything you need has been given to us by mother nature. Synthetic nutrients aren't made out of thin air. It is made up of things that come from the Earth mixed in with some other shit I can't pronounce. I have heard many times that we should treat our plants like humans. Well how many of you would drink some of those nutes you guys love so much?

Don't get me wrong I am not saying that some of these products aren't good. I have heard that some of the products are 100% organic!!!! But they still cost money, mula, dinero feel me.

Everyone has a different growing style that works for their situation. Some choose to get really complicated while others just keep it simple. I'm a keep it simple kind of guy BUT I still want good meds.

During the vegetative stage cannabis plants need Nitrogen. Of course there are other nutrients they need that would benefit them tremendously but without a good amount of Nitrogen you might as well quit.

So what did I use for Nitrogen in my soil? Well I started off with a good medium(dirt) that had a nice amount in it. There are tons of different choices nowaday but buy what you can get access to. I chose Happy Frog by Fox Farms. Check out the cool bag.

Check out all the cool stuff it has

So about a month in I started noticing some yellowing on the leaves. I knew something was wrong. So I found out they need more Nitrogen. Generally when your leaves start to yellow from the bottom up than you need Nitrogen. I didn't have to buy anything BUT I will have to buy some Bat Guamo. Which isn't too expensive and is all natural. My boy gave me some and I added spent coffee grounds. I dressed the top soil and watered. Everything is pretty green in my veg garden.

For flowering the plant doesn't need as much Nitrogen so whatever you use in veg should carry you through flowering. The plants need more Potassium and Phosphorus during the flowering stage. So I decided to give them bananas!!!!! Here's how I did it.

Eat the bananas of course and save the peels.

Than cut up the peels and place in a plastic container with water. Keep them in there for 3 days. After three days they will look like this.

I strained the peels using a cut up Coke bottle.

This is how much I got

Than I poured it into a two liter and filled it up with water.

Last but not least I gave it to my girls and they drank it all up!!!!!

Today is officially day one of the second week of flower. I am hoping I get some extra shoots before these babies start budding up. I am happy with the amount of tops that I have so come harvest time it should be interesting!!!! #sog #poormansgrow

Thanks for taking the time to read my post please leave any tips or question in the comment section. Let's Grow together!!!!

Now go and get ya Smoke On!!!!

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Solid tip on the banana nutes! I don't do soil grows but I think I am going to give it a shot on this next round of plants and the Happy Frog will more than likely be the soil I go with. Isn't it amazing how this plant bounces back after some extreme bending?


Yeah I am hoping the plants will like the bananas. Not sure yet but we will see. Stay tuned for more updates!!!!

Great tips man. Is this the first time feeding them with bananas or they had it before?

I agree that everyone chooses what suits them the best.


This is the first time giving them bananas. They just finished the first week of flower so the are used to the new light schedule and probably ready to really start stretching getting ready for those budds!!!


Eager to see how will it turn out. Is this first time using this number metod at all.

Pretty good idea with the banana, I wish I was able to find happy fog around me, I may have to drive a couple hours and see if I can find it.

Nice looking plants so far as well


Check and see if you can get Ocean forest by the same company.

I use a blend of Fox Farm Ocean Forest, and Happy Frog. Works great!


I have seen so many youtubers speak highly of this brand so we shall see!!! Thanks for stopin by!!

Good post. It should not cost too much to grow depends on the climate.


It should only be as complicated as you want it to be. Some can handle the complications and some cannot. At the end pf the day they are just "weeds" and will grow out of a crack in the sidewalk!!!!

such a cool post. Kept me actually reading. Not a lot do! But I think mostly, I wanted to see if you used any of your Abuelas Secrets with soil! lol. I dig natural. Then again I don't know much about growing it. Smoking I git down. Cool to find you on here