From Seed To Smoke #1: The beginning of my journey!!!!

6 months ago

First time grower here!!!!!

Proof this is my grow!!!!

I guess you can also call this post my #intropost. For starters I have been in crypto since 2010 and it has been a wild ride. I joined Steemit a little late around 2017 but that was another wild ride. Finally I have found Smoke!!!!!

I have had my account for a little while now and didn't really know what I wanted to post about.

Since I started a little grow back in November I decided why not post the updates here on Smoke!!!!!

I am not a professional!!!!

All the knowledge I have on growing has come from Youtube and articles online. Plus a couple of my friends grow as well so I have also learned from them.

This is an indoor grow and I am currently using two light setups. One is a CFL and the other is a 4 foot 4 bulb T5. Initially I didn't have a direction of how I wanted to grow but I have settled on attempting a #PerpetualSOG.

Since I decided kind of late to do that it won't be an official #SOG grow until I start cycling in the smaller plants.

Where it all started.

The Grow Room

The CFL Setup

The T5

Week One. November 22, 2018 Two LSD(Lemon Sour Diesel) seedlings I got from a friend.

Started 10 new seeds on November, 25, 2018

December 5, 2018 one week later only six came up giving me a total of 8 plants.

December 22, 2018 I topped all of the plants!!!!

Eight days later!!!! December 30, 2018 and they are getting a little bushier. Some of the fan leaves stretched out like crazy.

At this point I decided that I wanted to have a perpetual SOG grow. So I decided to put my T5 to use and make another grow area so I have a flower room and a veg one. Since I already had 8 plants I would start off by only flowering two and every two weeks after that I will put another two in flower. The strains I am using flower in eight weeks usually so by March I should have my first harvest. I already started some clones which I have to do every two weeks to keep the cycle alive. I also have a bag of seeds that I will be using as well.

Flower day one

My new Veg area(remember I'm no professional!!! lol) as you can see I have the humidity dome with 15 clones and 15 seeds I started sadly only one seed has come up due to my error!!!!

Day Four of flower

Week one of Flower complete

Veg area you can also see my one tiny seedling that sprouted. One of 15 hopefully she survives.

Here is a better picture of the seedling

Just bent the tall growth in the flower room today. The one in the front was getting too stretchy. Hopefully it will be fine but I heard that I shouldn't stress the plant out too much during flower but I figure I have at least another week and a half of stretching to go.

Like I said earlier I am no professional but I have researched for months. So if you have any tips for me or see something I am doing wrong let me know in the comment section. Any advice helps.

I will try to put out posts as often as I can. The next post I will talk about the nutrients I have decided to use for growing plus an update on how my garden is doing.

Not sure if I am doing this right but I guess I have to put the tags in the post correct me if I'm wrong.

Okay that about wraps it up now go and get your smoke on!!!!!!!

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Right on! welcome to Smoke! Im am also a hobby breeder, so maybe we can both learn from each other, submitting this for some extra love!


Thanks big homie!!!!

My guy welcome onboard!! Bout time you hopped on... they actually got a seed cup challenge going on right now!


Thanks big homie... Word I'm gonna have to look that challenge up.

Great work @tallyhood, your plant are doing great though you are not a professional like you said. I am great to know somebody is out there doing something for the smoke community. Keep it up.


Thanks for the vote and taking time to read my post. Growing weed is pretty relaxing and not as complicated as many might make it seem. Over time I will learn new things that will make my garden even better!!!!

So cool man!


Thanks big homie stay tuned for more updates!!!!

Nice!!! Welcome, fellow grower !!! I've got limited space too and am testing out a sog grow right now. I have 5 plants in the space where I normally have 1 (1.3 ft x 2 ft).


Dope how long are you vegging them out for? And how many grow areas do you have?

Welcome onboard man, your farm is lovely. What strain are you growing?


Right now I have two LSD's flowering the other six are mystery seeds so I'm not sure what they are exactly. Than the clones are also LSD given to me by my boy. I guess LSD is supposed to stand for Lemon Sour Diesel. I will be getting some good clones in about two weeks. Ygriega Gelato and some Purp I'm just hoping I don't kill


Oh that's great... good luck man. Watching out to see more of your grow updates



Welcome to smoke.

Looks pretty dam good to me, Think the only thing make it better is a better light. Keep up the hard work


I've been thinkin about better lighting but I'm curious tonsee what this does and maybe I will switch and put the T5 in the flower room


Yeah, I first started with a 2ft 4 bulb t5. Gotta start somewhere for sure


Ok this gives me hope!!!!

Glad to see you on smoke brother!!


Thanks for the smoke big homie!!!!

Well i am in the same position you were a few months back. I am planning to grow my first crop. And i thought it is going to be super easy. Just plant them and they'll grow but it looks as if there are lot of technicalities that i need to take care of because looking at the pics you posted, it seems a challenging task.


Yeah it's never as easy as it looks!!!

Welcome to the smoke network man, great looking grows, are you in a have medical/recreational legalization or is this more of a stealth grow? Looking forwards to seeing these plants progress 👍


Haha I wish this was legal.... sadly this is a stealth grow but from what I hear this year it is supported to get legalized here in my state. Let's see how it goes. Thanks a lot for the generous upvote it is much appreciated!!!!!


cool, hope the laws change soon, stay safe 👌

Welcome to 😊



Welcome to @tallyhood, set up looks good, if you need help or advice just say so ,that's why we are here for


Thanks for the comment I'm loving the site already!!!

Welcome to smoke man, I guess I'd learn more about growing from you.


That's cool...I'm no expert and have researched on youtube a lot. But experience is always the best teacher. I'm starting to get just a little overwhelmed and I might have bit off more than I can chew but It's pretty exciting. I am going to do this grow spending the least amount of money possible just to see the results.

Welcome to smoke @tallyhood! Exciting to see some other home growers on here. There is always more to learn and looking forward to the progress of your grow and any new tips I may pick up!


Cool I am mainly focused on saving the most money possible so who know you def might pick up a trick or two. Stay tuned for my next post where I talk about the nutes I will be using on the budget grow.

Welcome to Just have a look around and see what other smokers are up to. Enjoy!


Thanks glad to be part of this place!!!! Seems pretty dope already!!!!