A friend of mine started growing a little while back before legalization

in #grow
2 months ago

Here's what he sent me the other day!

It looks absolutely ridiculous. I have no idea how he manages to get his shit looking like that! Maybe I'll start growing soon.. It seems enticing.

Edit: My friend lied apparently, this is from offline. It's still nice though I guess.

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Looks like your friend already published that image on tumblr. In 2015.


Wow. Looks like he's a liar then. He said he clipped this off a few days ago. Smfh


Guess you can't trust everything people tell you...


They also know to flip the image horizontally so Google Images doesn't recognize it, right.

Tbh, this image here, in a previous post of yours, looks very much like a photobucket image first published in 2011.

It has the 100% exact bud form. There’s something which stinks here.

Eso estara bueno ?