Quick Question about my friends plant

last year


Hello! My friend left town and I'm taking care of his green house plants i dont have much experience in green house but i noticed this on one of his plants could this be swollen lady or a male ?

Thank you!
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Good question, does it or any of the others have similar pods? I hope it's not male, best of luck. Might be worth texting a close up pic to your friend so they can consider isolating it from the females.

Friend, look at the buds, if thin hairs stick out of them, then this is a female.
Personally, my opinion is that this is a female plant

also i think it is Female plant , just look at my post about grow day #69 i took pictures of my males . yours looks like a female yes :)🔥

This looks like female. Check it often to see if it it begins to droop like a male pollen sac.

  ·  last year

Frmale to what I can see