Grow Updates: New grow room v3.0

last month


Hello Smokers🔥🔥🔥🔥

New grow room v3.0, It took 6 hours to redo but it was worth it! I used to have the frame of my 5x5 tent to hang my equipment from but that is long gone now! Available grow space is now at 7x6 feet Setup the walls with Mylar, put the wooden ramp from where the trellis net is going to be hooked from, 2 oscillating fans will be running 24/7. Also, I've got an 8" Exhaust fan, 2 Humidifiers & 1 Dehumidifier, everything controlled by Inkbird sensors. Heck I even sealed the window with proper isolating materials and a tarp for winter! Clean, Spacious & Efficient.


I’m very satisfied 3x Wedding Cake, 3x Critical Purple Kush & 3x Pink Kush still in veg for now, fed with dry amendments. I have been taking extra good care of them, I can't wait to harvest the Wedding Cakes.


Happ Growing 🌱

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That baby is ready to be filled with some of the Ganj! :D