Grow Updates: Day 20 of flower

19 days ago


Hello Smokers🔥🔥🔥🔥

Day 20 of flower, I found a predator in the grow room that’s been eating fan leaves! who would have known that just shaking the bag of cat food upstairs would clear said predator from the grow room so easily? didn’t even need the Neem oil lol.



Happy Growing Guys 🌱 and have a prosperous New year 🥳

#indica #weed #smoking #strains

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Really nice looking grow, I love the scrog! I will never have a cat for two reasons, 1. They eat the leaves of bud and 2. Cat hair in my buuuuuuud....we have outdoor that's visited by a neighborhood cat and we've learnt from that 😑😊 Cute kitty though....I'm sure with that face kitty got away with it 😁

Great setup and beautiful pictures 😍💚

Is this the best way to grow it??


Scrog really does give more even heads, he's doing it perfectly!

Good seedlings man