Grow Update: Scrog up an in place

7 months ago

Grow image-20200616.jpg

Hello Smokers🔥🔥🔥🔥

Scrog up an in place, decided to flip my girl today I know for a fact 3 are girls one hasn’t shown sex, so we shall see what’s in store for these girls.

8-10wks left this where the challenge begins, I have room for them to get big I’m ready for the flower stretch just wanna make sure I keep enough room from between my babies an that tanning bed called a light lol HPS light

Happy Growing🌱

#indica #cannabis #smoking #weed

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I need one of those, how are they called? (mesh)

Looking good! What exactly is "scrog" that people keep saying? Is it short for something? I just look at it and I see twisted up nicely netting. Is there a reason it is called this?