Grow Update: Last one to show sex and it's a male

last year


Hello Smokers 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Last one to show sex and it's a male. Too bad because it was the healthiest and stinkiest. Been a weird run all the girls showed first, I'm used to it the other way around. Also had my first trifoliate mutation and two bagseed ladies start flowering a month into veg. Definitely been a learning experience. Last pic is of the survivors all female


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Seeing this post and the revealing of a male plant, I'm curious as to what you do with the male plant(s) when you get them.


cannabinoids can be found in the leaves which can be extracted to produce hash or other oils since the male plants do not produce buds


I save the pollen to grow more seeds .... and dry the leaves and everything else for Tea or hot chocolate.

  ·  last year

Nice little jungle cannopy you got there...


Thank you 😊