Grow Update: I'm looking to maximize my top colas yields

6 months ago

Grow image-20200722.jpg

Hello Smokers🔥🔥🔥🔥

I'm looking to maximize my top colas yields, I want all main tops and no larf for my next run. My current plan is to top 3x (8 leading colas) and remove all satellite branches and nodes (I'll have 8 plants in a 5x5 area). Once I get my 8 leading tops, I flip to flower and let the main branches stack up.

Picture is a Girl Scout Crack (GSC x Green Crack) finishing up in my basement, I split her main stem by accident right down the fkn middle on week 8 of flower and she turned beautiful shades of purple!

Happy Growing🌱

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With all the plants you post plus the ones you post on your alt accounts, I'd say you're well over the legal limit for what you're allowed. ;-) Cutting your posts into alt accounts didn't hide that fact. Time to let someone know about it! ;-) One of the last things I'll do on this turd of a blockchain, ensure that the pieces of shit breaking the law and posting about it (Not supposed to be doing that anyway. ;-P) see their government's agencies. :-D

Don't worry, the report will be made today. This is fair enough warning so you should have time to tear some of them up/harvest early. ;-) Don't worry tho. I've got your accounts compiled and the information organized for the agencies, you can pull all you want, but you've been posting clear evidence in what you believe to be "slick" alt accounts. LOL! Let's hope you live somewhere with prison time for this shit you're up to. ;-) Low IQ fuck.


A little tip to you for the future as well.... make sure your reflection isn't showing in any part of a photo. All it takes is one reflection clear enough to link you to the bullshit you're pretending about. ;-) You'd be surprised on what surfaces reflections can appear on and how well they can be visualized with image sharpening tools.

My last harvest I pulled 5.15 oz, but 1 once was all larf! Great to see you taking a stand against larf.

It is so beautiful! Great grow!



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