Grow Update: Finally chopped my auto

3 months ago

Grow image_20200706.jpg

Hello Smokers🔥🔥🔥

Finally chopped my auto an WTF wow 92gs my scale off by .3, it's still wet when i scale it and I know it will still lose more weight but I wished I had a whole plant of this because she is so solid and hasn’t had water in 6days.

Grow image_20200706.jpg

I will do a minor trim before hanging but I love this strain and the process it took growing her.

Grow image_20200706.jpg

Happy Growing🌱

#strains #kush #cannabis #indica

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nice one on the yield :)


Screenshot from 2020-07-12 00-57-31.png

It sure is a monster!

Dang dude I have seldom seen a bud like that ... that was the one cola wonder right? (Mind wanders and envisions a field of 1 foot tall colas and at first take they look like mutant mushrooms 😅)

WTF are you feeding those monsters? LOL

Look so yummy,