Grow update: My plants are getting a light yellowish color

last year


Hello smokers🔥

So... A couple of my plants are getting a light yellowish color.
Started about a week ago and now curling upward at the tips.
I was thinking nitrogen deficiency?

Any help would be useful and appreciated.

Thanks 🙏
Regards Smokerings🍁


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They're hungry. Give them some nutes...

Are you keeping them in open?


Yes, they are outdoor.

Hope they're doing well, are they getting too much light? Perhaps not enough nutrients in the soil?


They are outdoor, hope it is not too much of sunlight?



Yes, some nutes and Cal-Mag will also help.

They want magnesium and a bit more food. A quality epsom salt (the ingredient list will have only: magnesium sulfate) will help. Use half a gram per gallon of water, the next two times you add water or nutrient solution.

What type of nutrients are you using? Any? Some MaxiBloom will help immensely, if you're running on straight soil.


The plant on the right needs a lot more food than the plant on the left.