My Jack the Ripper does have a good friend

2 years ago

Yep, there is another one

Photo taken on 11/6/2018


This Jack the Ripper plant came out a week after the first one HERE. So, this plant has grown with no disturbance (no trimming, bending or anything). I'm sure at some point I will do something with it but, as of right now I have no plans on what I will do (2 weeks old at this point). It is growing very good and at a fast pace for a soil grow. I may show this plant every now and again to show it's growth over time.


Photo taken on 11/1/2018


This plant is under a 26 watt CFL light for now. Average temp. is 73°F. Water = plain water up until now but, will soon start getting compost tea. This plant is well on it's way & I can't wait to see some awesome buds on her.Well that is going to be it for this post.

Thank you for reading this post and your support!

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oh nice :-) 2 weeks old


yep just a young baby girl but, soon you will see her beautiful flowers :)

If the right temperature and proper service, the tree will grow rapidly.