Monday Grow Update Week 9

2 years ago

Welcome to week 9 of my GROW

12/11/2018 - 12/17/2018

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Let me start off by saying Thank You for stopping by and checking out my post. I have had a busy week. I had to move the Grow because of the cold. I had to move 2 lights, all of the plants and their 5-gallon buckets, & the water bucket. I had to find a way to mount the lights, which I think I came up with a great system for what I have to use. Good news is they have a nice little cozy room. The room temp is even all over, instead of just the air. In fact, I have to get the fan hooked up. I couldn't use it before because it would have made the air to cold for the plants, doing more harm than good. I did manage to get some really nice cuttings from the plant so next week it is into the flower room for this plant. I did manage to have a plant start showing Female under the 18 hour light. So, I moved that one into the flower room after I took a few cuttings from her as well. I also collected pollen from the Beautiful male plant that I had(I might make a post on it). So let's get to the photos!
Day 57

Day 58

Day 59

Day 60
This is the day that I moved the plants to a new area.

Day 61

Day 62

Day 63 / WEEK 9
Here I added some Emergency blankets around the plants to help keep the light around them and not going off into the rest of the room. Might not be the best but I don't have any white mylar to use. This photo was from after the cuttings was taken.


Here are a few photos of the NEW cuttings!


Well, that is all for this week. I want to thank you again for you stopping by & for your support! Any questions or comments please drop them below in the comments section.

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Moving plants is no easy task. I just found you and I am looking forward to keeping up with your grow. What strain are you growing?


Well, I thought I was growing Jack the Ripper but it must be crossed with something else or the seeds were mixed up. The first time I grew this strain it had long skinny leaves. I have a few other plants from the same batch and each looks different. I have a plant with leaves bigger than my hand. I am currently not in a friendly State so it is a bit hard to get good seeds from a good source. I am wondering if one of my chemdawgs made babies with the jack the ripper. I did self pollinate the Jack the Ripper with some pollen from another jack the ripper but it looked the same. (Same structure almost a twin but it was a male) Neither of them Indica dominant or even really a trace. It should turn out really good tho. I have grown some seeds from a cheap bag of cannabis back in the day and it turned out to be pretty good compared to what was going around my area at the time. I'm glad that you found me & you are going to stick around #Cheers I have to go find my seeds to start a few more plants :)


I was reading an article an phenotypes vs genotypes and it addressed how seeds from the same family can have different characteristics. I found that interesting.

I understand how hard it can be to get ahold of seeds in an unfriendly state. Many of us are in the same boat. Sometimes I order on the internet but damn that can get expensive. @jonyoudyer has been somewhat encouraging me to learn how to pollinate so I can create my own seeds. It is something I am contemplating. I probably should because it will be an evolution of my growing knowledge.

A Jack the Ripper crossed with Chemdawg sounds like it would be delicious.


Thank you for the article, I will be reading this later tonight. It is always a great thing to expand the mind. I find gardening in general pretty relaxing & so watching my babies grow is very awesome no matter where they come from 🙌 I'm just glad to have them. It does suck to start from a new grow witch my grow is just that. I am no PRO that's for sure but most people starting to grow are not either. That's what I like about both of our grows it shows you can be a beginner or have just the basics and still get very good FREE meds! Yeah I agree with @jonyoudyer it is not hard but you do need to use caution pollen gets everywhere lol #Cheers #PeaceLoveCannabis

Very healthy looking phat leaves. Looking forward to seeing more of your grow log.


Thank you & This plant is going into the flower room next week so I hope that this one is a Female. Thank you for you support! #Cheers #PeaceLoveCannabis

Its a way of life, smoke, get paid, repeat

Super cool. Plants look great. Weed is a miracle haha

You know you don't need a male plant for pollen? Nice grow, where are the seeds from?


yeah but I want a natural male plant because it gets rid of the chance of creating Hermie plants. They are my own seeds from my last grow that I pollinated from 2 Jack the Ripper plants (1 female x 1 male) #Cheers


Wow nice I like your style man, your garden looks really clean,efficient and like you know what you are doing. Keep up the good work!