Tetrapak Challenge - Update and Encouragement

last month

Have you gone and checked out some of the epic grows going on so far? The Tetrapak Challenge is a prime example of what I hope to do and that brings all kinds of Cannabis communities together.

This challenge/contest is not limited to blurt, smoke, weedcash, steem. You see this challenge is across all social media platforms.

When this started it had some very basic rules but as we went on the rules went out the window, and we just want to see more of you join the challenge.

So, if you're reading this post and not getting your Tetrapak ready, than I would recommend you do that.

Some of the more notable post from this week's Tetrapak updates.






Yes just 4 small growers growing but trust me you got plenty of time... this challenge will never end😁

Basic Rules:

TetraPak Challenge - Rules Post

Rules and format to Post:

1st: Can be any grow that you have ongoing. Within the 3 categories (Regular seed, Autoflower, Clone)

2nd: Have 2 or more photos per post. Or Video.

3rd: At least a brief description Words for each Weekly Post.

4th:Use #weeklygrowlog & #tetrapak as tags at bottom of post

5th: Add Your strain + Category type in the title

6th: Use this standard format for the top of the post
nutes type: liquid / Living soil

Share to smoke, blurt,hive, steem, Instagram, lbry, Facebook,YouTube, All other social platforms. This is optional but recommended to help grow the challenge 😀

As encuragment to post your tetrpak updates or to join in and post your updates on https://blurt.world/ All post will receive a 100% upvote from the blurt420 account.

Do forget to share all your cannabis, hemp, CBD, THC, Grows, News and more to revieve upvotes.

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Great idea .... maybe I should include the #companiongrow tag to my hemp Mint grow posts. My latest Tetrapak failed ... I moved them into the sun too quickly and they burned up. More seeds in the water. Tip.... keep. Your seedlings indoors until they are well established .. probably 6” tall. That sun is hot !


Yeah, you can also slowly bring them into the sun by keeping in shade and slowly add sun light