T6 by happyseedproject / highroadseeds

4 months ago


This is a t6 by @highroadseeds. Glad it is an auto and I don't hunt for the best I can grow them all 😁

Wanna join me @skylinebuds and @jackdub on Thursday at 7pm go jump on to canna-curate discord. Huge announcement coming that day during the show. Post to follow come on over and join us.

#offtopic #grow #cannacurate

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This is the type of thing I Iove to see in smoke, breeders and growers working together creating awareness of new strains. Excellent


Yeah, this is going to be a great thing with smoke is bringing crqft breeders to the craft growers. We all know they are the true connoisseurs of the space

Looking good!!!! :) you are not a rookie, and I don't classify myself as a master grower, we are just folks that try our best and hope the cannabis plant loves us as much as we love them


So true we are all just want the plant to love us back. With frosty tasting flowers 😀

The crop's looking good, looking forward to the chat and announcement :)


They are coming along great I can't wait..

Smoke fest?


Nope that is not the one. Yet that will go down soon enough

What size grow tent do you have them in? @skylinebuds


These are all stuffed nicely in a 2x4 😀