Started Fresh- Grow update #1

8 months ago

Started Fresh

My last grow post was a very sad one to say the least with me having to cut down my whole garden and do a full clean cause I was just down right tired of my plants having powder mold and then me having to constantly treat it.

Yesterday I spent a couple hours getting everything all ready with both tents, I have decided that my old 2x4 is going to house some autos with my 2 existing LEDs. I will have a total of 8 autos going in this tent. They are all going to be in 1 gallon pots as that seems to be the best pots per the room I have. If I grow in 3 gallon pots then I can only fit 2 plants cause they grow a hole lot bigger so my plan is to grow in 1 gallon like I was before the powder mold and hope I can pull off some solid nugs.

In the 2x2 I just got and set up I am running my T5 light as this is going to have to work till I order my self one more LED and Than it will go in this tent. I am going to be using this to get a few mothers going and then it will be used to flower out the clones and the mothers will be going in another room as they will not need much light just constant 24 hours.


I have gone and started quite a few going off the fact I am not expecting all of them to germ and root as that normally never happens but we will see.

First up I have a random bag seed I got out of the 2.5 oz I bought that was bottoms of bags for me to make canna coconut oil for my wife @reefermoms edibles she makes.

Second up I will start with the auto seed I got 4 oasis seeds - auroua borealis(northen lights / lowryder), 2 female seeds auto Northen lights, 2 female seeds auto bubba. I have started 8 autos I am hoping at least 6 take but I will see over the next few days

Third up I have the reg/fem reg that I know the strains of them, I got 2 Steem OG started again this strain was from @jonyoudyer, pink kush these are form quad flower that I bought that I knew had seeds, 3 seedsman bigs Nugs fast I won from @closetcanada in the auction they had here on smoke, 1 female seeds chem OG, 2 OG Afghani reg.

Fourth I have started a few CBD seeds I am planing to hope for a male and breed some CBD with another strain I may choose, I also want a few cause I want to make some CBD products for friends that have asked.



This was the only tent I was using before the clean up and now I have the other fan coming Tuesday and I am guessing it really will not be needed before that point in time.


You can see in this photo how I plan to have the tent set up pot wise and I think I will have more than enough room in it as I plan to keep these plants around 2 feet.


The 2x2 has got some fans I think I still want to add some more, I did pick up another 120mm USB fan for $3 at the second hand store but I am still unable to find any bigger fans.I have my T5 light hooked but and I am waiting a couple weeks and I know I got lots time before I need the LED for these ones.
This one at the moment just holds the seeds in the jiffy pucks in the clone dome, I will be taking the dome off as they start to grow and I am unsure how long that takes as I have never used this method before.

I will be using smaller than than 1 gallon pots at first for these because these can take a few transplants and not be effected like the autos will.

Well that is my fresh start update on my new seeds and tent. I am hoping this time I can keep the powder mold out and the plants healthy as can be. Till next time with my grow update enjoy all the other great SMOKE Content

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Sorry for your last grow. Seems like you have done proper homework for your this grow and hopefully things will turn out good.


Thanks, i sure hope I start off clean with no issues.

Sorry for the last problem. It's encouraging to see you start afresh again. Hopefully, things will work fine now.


Thanks, I am really trying to learn so fresh start is ok

That's the way bro, get up, brush off the dirt and get straight back into it. You will be back bigger and better in no time mate, bong on bro. :-)


O yeah 100% agree I took it as a lesson and encouragement to learn

Oh my, I was not wearing my glasses and at first glance, I thought you are posting something edible because those round thingy looked like cookies...... Good luck with the new venture... hope they´ll be healthy this time.

Sorry about the last problem, I hope to have no issue in your new start.


Thanks, I hope not I am gonna try everything I can to keep problems gone

I hate having to start over.. nice set up tho


It does sucks but had to get the mold out

Big plans going. Good luck with this one and hope you don’t have any issues this time. 🦇


Thanks, Yeah start big right haha😁

Great to see you back on track!!!


Thanks, should have some growth in next few days 😁

Well, i hope this one will be a lot better than the last one and you can keep the powder mold out! Best of luck :)

Sad what happened to your previous grow. You can get clones on btw you should see if there are people sharing clones in your area on strainly.

With any grow I like to have backup plants , like right now I have a plant I'm keeping in veg for a friend, but if something had to go wrong with my grow I can just take clones off that and continue.

I like to run my grow op like a factory conveyer belt. There is always something new coming in as soon as something goes out. It keeps running all the way. I don't grow indoors I only grow outdoors, but you can take a clone from each strain you have and give it to a friend to take care of (if you have friends who grow), if something goes wrong then you can just ask for a clone back later on. Not sure if I'm making sense.


Yeah I really hope to have my indoor like that when one is coming off another is flipping and so on. I can not do that with an outdoor grow as we get winter... need a cold resistant strain then we are talking haha

I am hoping this one goes as planned I am going to do what I can to keep it on plan

Soon I’ll have some smoke.og for ya


Can't wait to buy some smoke.og

Nice to see you start fresh. I'm sure I'll learn a lot about your grow.

Years ago... before i found my green thumb I was known in the family as The Cactus Killer - so hard to imagine that name now.

I love watching the plants start from the seed, or clone, and create this miracle medicine!

Good luck with the new grow!!


Haha, yeah looking at your flowers you would think you have always had a green thumb