Solocup update #1

2 years ago

Solo cup update 1

Have you had a chance to check out @canna-curate solo cup challenge that they are putting on? The link is here if your in to growing head on over and sign up and let'sget this challenge going.



For this one here I was really hoping to be able to go to the one local place I can go to buy seeds and grab one but it turns out they only off the 5 packs. As this was not what I wanted cause I prefer to grow autos in my tent I decided I would just come pick a strain I have here at home.

Now I was going to go with a pink kush strain as I have a load of them seeds, But after reading up on the flower time it is 11 weeks and that just sucks cause then we are looking at around 15 weeks till I can have my entry in and that seems like a long time. So I have decided I would go with the sweet strain of STEEM OG. I am unsure the flower time on this one but Idon'tthink it is 11 weeks that is for sure maybe closer to 8 or 9 so that is ideal for this challange.




This setup I am going to be using for this is the macro grow box I have slowly been using and building.This set up has been growing the original steem OG that I planned to flip on Christmas but with this challenge coming out that is no longer the case.
In this set up I have 2 LEDs full spectrum with another LED. This setup also has 2 fans one pulling in one pulling out.


For this challange I have started 2 more steem OG seeds to hope one will take only a day or 2 till I see some root then they can be put in to the growbox.


Thanks for following and be sure to join the #solocup challenge and let's see what kinda buds we can get growing.
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Cool, good luck with the challenge mate and hope everything go smooth for you. You and your family have a merry Christmas and a happy new year my friend. Bong on bro. :-)


Thanks, Hope you get to join in soon and grow with us. Happy holidays to you to bro

I would have loved to join but growing cannabis is not yet legal in my country.... Good luck on the challenge


This is very true, and I would say i am very jealous of those countries where cannabis are legalise because i am so restricted right here.


Ah it is not legal lots places and it really sucks that is for sure.
One day we will all celebrate world legalization

Is there another plant that people in countries where Cannabis is illegal can try to grow along with us in Solidarity to learn about the process of growing this wonderful magical herb ? Maybe Holy Basil ? What are some other herbs that may be closely related or distant cousins to the Cannabis plant ?


I am un sure we will have to look this up and see if we can find one.


Found a bunch of Cannabis cousins. Hops would be a good one.