Seed Update #3 - Hope they crack

last year

Will this work out

If you remember I have had some issue with my my seeds cracking in these jiffy pucks. I have decided I was going to try and not waste any of these seeds if I can.


As you can see on in this photo it was just quite a few seeds and by the time I am done I hope to have only lost a few and not 15+ seeds.

Afghani OG

When I turned on the light today I was quite shocked to see that we had one peek out and decided it wanted to start it's life. Will I be lucky and end up with a female from this seed as they both were just regular seeds.


Chem (Female Seeds)

This one here is one of them seed that I only had one of so I am really really hoping I have not lost this one as I know it is a strain I would love to clone and grow this summer. I have also had some people ask me to save them some cuttings if I do end up with some so it will really be a bitch if she does not end up working out.


LV 55


I am really hoping this one turns out as well as this is this only one I have. It comes from one the awesome members here on smoke @happyseedproject. This seed was not from her personally a friend of mine got it from her. They are the breeders of this strain I can not remember the cross but Maybe she can chime in and let us know what the right cross is.



Who doesn't like BIG NUGS, I know I really love the BIG NUGS that is for sure. I have never had a chance to try this one yet so I am hoping that at least the one will turn out. I am lucky and so far I have got one that looks like she may pull though but I am really hoping for at least the one more to show some good life.

Big-Nug-plant1-day3Plant 1 Day 3

Here you can see I have put them in paper towel to try and get and get the other ones to take and maybe luck will be on my side and will let all 3 take.



Pink Kush

This one here I am thinking I will have to start some more seeds as I got one to take but it is not the best looking plant at the moment so I will have to see how she/he goes over the next week or to.

Steem OG


This one here I am really hoping they fully take and I can finally start to grow this one and try the flower it produces. This strain was a cross made by our member @jonyoudyer who is also working on a smoke OG cross as we speak.

<a Steem-OG-02-19

Auto Seeds

I still have a few autos that never ended up opening and I was really hoping they would have. I have put them both under paper towel as well to hope they crack and show some life.


I do think I will end up with some luck on my side after taking a good close look at these and seeing that quite a few have open and are just really really slow to want to come to life.

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I hope it all work out for you this time mate especially after the last disaster. I will keep my fingers crossed for you mate. Bong on bro. :-)


So far so good, we will see over time.

I've never had any luck with "auto" seeds.. I'll definately stay tuned


I love the autos, I normally have lots luck with them. just not using jiffy pucks again to start seeds

Good luck man! So far so good. Hope it turns out a jungle.


Thank I would love a jungle of cannabis plants,