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Oasis Aurora Borealis

I have to say I have had some real shit luck with the jiffy pucks to start seeds.

I am thinking this may end up being my fault that I was keep them a bit to wet. I have had luck that 2 of the 4 oasis seeds took.

I am hoping that the other seeds still take ad that will end being a big loss and I really don't want to do that as I have had to toss quite a few plants out lately.

Oasis seeds

I have had the joy of growing a few of these strain they have to offer like the RPK and they turned out quite nice that is for sure. I always like to order my seeds from true north seeds
Ref link

Over the last few years, autoflowering strains have blown up in popularity among new growers and veteran growers alike.

However, with this popularity comes a plethora of genetics that are overwhelming in a world of limitless options. After monitoring the popularity of specific autoflowering strains and extensive experimentation, several industry experts got together to narrow down the best quality autoflowering genetics available, and Oasis Genetics was born.

Oasis Genetics narrowed it down for you so that you don’t have to wonder about the quality of the strains being offered - you have only the best autoflowering strains out there to choose from!

A proudly Canadian company, shipping out of Ontario, Oasis Genetics is just the refuge you've been waiting for in this world of chaos.

Oasis Genetics invites you to let them be your Oasis.

This was quoted from the true north site and I am pretty sure they are the breeders of these seeds along with canuk

1 gallon pots

Plant 1

If you have been following you may remember the last post I made that had to do with my bubba female seeds it can be found here. This one here was put in the pot at the same time as these one so they are about a week as well.

Plant-1-day-5Day 7
oasis-NL-day-7Day 7

So far I am like the growth I have had with it. I am hoping so to do some LST in the next week as these grow so fast.

Plant 2

Oasis-NL-Day-3-2-plant2Day 3
PLant-2-day-1Day 1

Now this is a few days behind as this one just went in the pot a couple days ago. I am just happy it took off, Like I said before I am afraid I may end up losing quite a few of these.

You can see it is still a little little girl compared to the other one but let see what an extra week does for growth.

thanks for coming and checking out my first update of my second auto log #oasis.

#grow #growlog #oasis #auroraborealis #strain


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Plant looks good and healthy. Whats RPK and LST?


RPK was a strain I grew by Oasis seeds

The Auto RPK was conceived by bringing together two of our favourite autoflowering phenos: the Auto AK and Auto Critical Mass. The resulting plant has the best of both worlds, maintaining the yield of the Critical Mass and psychoactive effect of the AK.

and LST is low stress training

Bubba looking nice. Good luck with them pucks


This is Aurora Borealis by oasis seeds. Started same day and couple days after

Some seeds sometimes take a lot longer, or don't come out....it just happens. But if you have a system to sprout them that works better go back to it..... Bubba is looking great mate!!!


Yeah, I am going to go back.. This is another strain called Aurora Borealis that is by oasis seeds. The bubba is by female seeds

The few times I tried in the past I never had luck with pucks.


Yeah, I am going to see if I put any in paper towel if they take.

Plant 1's looking healthy, especially day 7.. I like that Aurora Borealis name .. I know what it is, but somehow it always makes me think of the Beastie Boys :)

The growth looks to be going well for now. I hope it keeps up like that and they all grow mighty and high. I hope the other Lil ones come out aswell.


I am enjoying the growth so far, They are coming along jsut nicely.. The other ones are a loss I am thinking and that sucks as it is like 15 seeds. still one more thing to do to see if I can get any to grow

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