Live Stream Update.

3 months ago

Long Over due Update

What's up smokers and tokers? I have been away for a week or so as my family has been sick with the flu and that has been junk to deal with when 1 person after another has been sick.

I have not forgotten about the grow cup that update is coming out tomorrow as I do not have to work due to a likely rain storm.

I have been busy and cut a few plants that are done down, That post is coming tomorrow as well.

Right now I wanted to share an update on the live stream, I have had it down for a few days cause the stream was unstable and I had to keep resetting the tablet every couple hours and that was just getting to be a pain. I am up and running and I hope to stay live now 24/7.

I have ordered a cheap webcam and let me tell you it is cheap, The stream is not even 720 it is 520 I think and that is garbage. So I will still need to order a better one likely a Logitech this time and not a creative. I do remember back in the day creative made good parts but I guess times have changed.

If you are interested in checking out and sharing my live stream to promote smoke please feel free to do so. I am going to be back updating daily (I hope) and finishing up work to get the grow cup up and running.

you can check out the live feed here I plan to learn more and add a game to the stream but that is all new.

#grow #stream #live

Have you went a followed the @grow-challenge account and get ready for the first ever cannabis grow cup here on smoke.

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Those plants are looking so lush. Well done!


Thanks, that one is my best grow indoor for looks hands down, i will be posting a video of it today when I trim and it is a nice cola. Would have been much better without the week of ph issues but I am so far likely this grow.

Can't wait to see it! I love harvest time:)