Live Stream Tent Update - T6 Moved In - Live for Small Roach Video

8 months ago

Live Stream

Great news on the live stream part, I have been able to keep it up and live for 40+ hours now and for me, that is a huge success. I have gained a total of 2 more followers to make it a total of 10 followers.

I am still spreading the word and sharing the stream every place I can think of daily to drive traffic to smoke/stream. I am hoping if I drive traffic to the stream they will then want to come on over and join smoke to see full details on the plants.

Plant update

In this past week, I have changed what plants are in the tent, I still need to update the stream with what Information but I wanted to get this post out so I can link this one.

Plant 1 - Oasis Aurora borillis

This is the small little girl you see up front and loving her life in the small but awesome .5 gallon pot. I wanted to see with this if I can grow one nice solid nug or not in a small pot.


Plant 2/3 - T6 from @highroadseeds

These two here are testers from the sponsor of the cannabis grow cup here on @highroadseeds and the happyseedproject. These are going along great in the 2x2 with a 600 watt led. The genetics for these T6 are Tangie'matic Auto Flower and I can not wait to see how they fully flower.

plant t6 #1


plant t6 #2


Join Me Tonight

I was planning to start my Sunday live stream a while back but this week is the week, I am going to be live for some #roachsunday and smoking tonight at around 8:30 EST over on Twitch.

Live stream cancelled - having some issues :)

You can find a link to my live stream here

Grow Log's Grow-Challenge

Have you went a followed the @grow-challenge account and get ready for the first ever cannabis grow cup here on smoke.

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Nice strains :D

I’ll try to be in on your cast tonight. Your plants are looking flame.


Got to cancel the live steam,

Sorry about the technical problems mate, the plants are looking fine bro.

The pants are looking nice man.

Sorry about the streaming problems.