Lemon-ups - Trinity Genetics - Grow Log #1 - Smoke exclusive

8 days ago

What’s up smokers. I have been planning to start some awesome grow logs.

this grow log will be a smoke exclusive grow log. I showed off a post from a couple of weeks back that showed off the Trinity genetics seed I have ordered

This strain cross is an f1. meaning they are the first seeds after breeding a selected male and female.


The strain Lemon ups is a tasty strain with the cross of GSC and Lemon Glue

Lemon-Ups is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies (Og Kush x Durban Poison) and Lemon Glue (Lemon Skunk (gg#4 x BC Kush)

Named after the flavour of Girl Scout Cookies ‘Lemon-Ups’

Made in Collaboration with RheaSunGardens.

you can see more information on this strain here reference link

Grow Log #1

Genetics: Lemon-Ups
Breeder: Trinity Genetics
Seed Type: Regular
Light: Mixed types of LED
Soil: Living Soil

This grow log is a small one as they are quite new to their life being only day one. These plants were germinated with the paper towel method for 2 Days till they had a small tap root. In the bottom of each hole, I have added a small amount of EWC (Earth Worm Castings).

The lemon-ups #1 is with myko at the bottom of the hole where I planted the seed. This is the first time using myko on a new seedling. so I thought I would log this and see how the growth goes. to tell the difference.

The lemon-ups #2 has not had the myko added to the hole. I plan to keep a recording and see how well they take. I will be running the same added amendments to each plant so they will depend 100% on the seedling and myko added.

Do you use any added Mycorrhiza into the soil when planting seeds or transplanting?


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Yeah, Mycorrhiza is standard.

I hope your exclusive grow log does well here.


Yeah it seems like it goes one and one with living soil.

Let’s see this grow! Hope the seedling thrives! I have not used Mycorrhiza.


Thanks. I have been reading more on the fungi and it is a strong part of healthy roots. It is the first step in good root defence.

Man look at the responses you get here. Fucking bad ass! I myself have never added any, Since I do know Fox Farm has some in, but I know a buddy who loves that great white stuff.


I have heard great things about the great white. I was going to go with that brand at first