Got the Gear-- cloning is going down

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5 months ago

I went down to the hydroponic shop today and got my self some goodies.

I am still think of a place to put them as I don't have a heating pad so I need to find a warm place to keep them or buy a heating pad.


Any tips on keeping them warm with out a heating pad?

I think for now I am going to just start iff by cloning a pink kush see if I can get that not to die in a couple days then I can start to take more off them.


This is the root gel I picked up, Only reason I went with this was it was the smallest one I could grab. I was not sure if this was a good kind at the time but a buddy says he uses that kind so I will give it a go.




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I kinda feel like you can get away without a heating pad. I watched a cool video where the guy made a solution with water and rooting powder and then soaked rockwool cubes in that for 24 hours and then put the clones into those cubes.

Back to your situation remember to use a sterile spoon to take some of the gel out of the container and then use that bit of gel otherwise you can contaminate the gel. Also keep the gel in the fridge. If you already know this , then this comment is just for anyone else new reading this.

Good luck! what are you taking clones of specifically?


Yes i have read that i should not put the plant matter into the gel just minutes ago haha. So thanks for this comment as I would have as that what a buddy did.

To start just pink kush then I will be of steem og and orange pipes l.

I hope to be able to just keep some genetics if i like the strain.

So it is going to be a busy weekend...


That is very much the case 😁

niiiiice, looking forward to hearing about the have to love cannabis, if you get bored growing is because you are dead ;-)


Right, It is a life long thing now.

Good luck with your new endeavour mate, it will be interesting to watch the process. I was just thinking about you question about heating. The only thing I can think of is depending on the fridge some throw out a fair amount of heat out the back of them, if this is your case maybe you can sit them on top of the fridge and capture some of this heat! It's just an idea :-) thanks mate, bong on bro. :-)


I had the same idea - great minds think alike. If you have some propagator lights - they should keep the heat up...


That is a great idea, the wife on the other hand did not think so haha


Just tell her they are your babies and you need to take care of them, Lol. Bong on bro. :-)


Haha, I think I convinced her let me buy a 2x2 tent for them... soon my basement will be tents only 😀


The rate your going the basement will look like a camping ground, Lol Bong on bro. :-)

I like your simple approach to start by cloning one pink kush and see how it goes,.. fingers crossed man!


Once I get this down it will be time to find the genes I like and keep them

It would be a good idea to maximize your success rate with making the cuts on a 45-degree angle, it maximizes the contact surface of the gel with plant matter, and they should root better. This is going to be fun!


Yeah I have read that is the best thing to do, I agree it is going to be fun learning experience

Awesome :)

I hope it works out very well for you. Cloning is something many of us have problems with, at one time or another. :)

Keep 3-4 leaves on each cutting, keep the leaves whole. I used to clip the tips and it reduces your success rate.

They won't need a lot of light.

Soak the peat pucks you're planning on using in clean water. Peat tends to hold too much water, so pick up a fully hydrated puck and give it a strong shake, without squeezing it. You'll get bunch of excess water come off.

Gently press the sides of the wet puck, all over the puck, until it's tall and narrower, but will still sit on it's own. This fluffs up the peat, allowing a better evaporation rate and more oxygen spaces.

I know you'll figure it out. :)

Good luck with your clones!

Good luck with that!