First Grow Live stream

3 months ago

Today I set up the first I hope of many grow live stream, I have it set up over on twitch for now but I hope to have it on vimm and twitch but I who knows, for now, it is on Twitch.

I still got a lot of work trying to figure out the streaming thing and a good spot for the camera. Well, so far I am just using an old tablet to stream from on the streamlabs app to twitch.

I am going to get some more information so I can set up some community activities as I see on some the other streams.

So if you want to come to check out my Northern lights auto 3 plant live stream you can click that link below

This is going to have information and smoke's logo all over it just trying to get it up first then add details in the next couple days.

What would be cool is if somehow the stream had an embedded link to it. Any tips on streaming would be awesome.

Watch live video from skylinebuds on

thanks to @grimgriz for the tip, I never saw the code last night

#grow #stream #livegrow

Have you went a followed the @grow-challenge account and get ready for the first ever cannabis grow cup here on smoke.



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Watch live video from skylinebuds on

This is the embed code from the share button...


Thanks, Somehow missed that last night

I highly recommend Smoke growers to set up their own twitch live streams and use it to drive traffic to their blogs. <3


I agree that it is a great idea for people to drive traffic. JUst got to take some time to get it look better


I already do! But mine is NOT
a grow vlog, but The aelstrohmBlackWeedVlog
, which you can find on:
Stop by and say HIGH!

K so I've actually never used twitch but I'm totally impressed by this. Nice job skylinebuds


I really didn't before this, I saw a few others on twitch streaming plants so I thought this would be great to drive traffic. I still got work to do on the channel to show more info about smoke

Lil breezy in there! Nice! Cool breeze!


Yeah, Lots wind means Lots less chance at mould lol

That's awesome, you can look at your ladies while your at work now!


Yeah, I got to get the temp gauge so I can see it still work in progress

Wow, that is a great idea, I just stopped by to check it out! I'm signing up!
Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 4.51.46 PM.png


Thanks, Now to make the channel look the best and lead them to smoke for the plant information

that really got me thinking. Finally a reason for having this twitch account … ?!

@skylinebuds Hell Yeah! Masterful thinking. I'll join in too. Great idea.

I'm a Twitch affiliate,
I"ll add and follow you! Let's take over that platform with weed!

Nice work man. Some day when them in charge over here get their shit together I'll have a nice rig set up.