Female Seeds - Northen Lights / Bubba Autos Updates

last year

Female Seeds - 2x Bubba - 1x Northern lights

On the last update I had shown day 1-3 I think on the #bubba auto by female seeds. You can find the last Update here. In that update I was just putting these into the dirt and they were just about to start life in their new home, This being a 1 gallon pot of course.

This strain has been undergoing constant changes for 15 years now; higher flower rate, sugared buds, fewer and thinner leaves resulted in higher yields in a S.O.G.

But still the same strong product, with the original NL smell and taste.

This one here is a new plant added to the Female seeds #growlog as I was hoping I was going to have 2 of these to have in a grow log but so far only the one has taken and showing some life.

female-NL-day-5day 5
female-NL-day-7Day 7
Female-NL-02-19-Day9Day 9
20190216-080728Day 9
Fem-NL-day-13Day 13
female-nl-day-13-topedDay 13 topped
img src=""

I have just topped these today, as well as raised the light so I am try to get them to stretch now as they will most likely be flipping in the next 2 or 3 weeks so that is plenty of time of autos to grow.


Bubba Plant 1

These I did the update on about 10 days back and let me tell you they have taken off and are reaching for the sun.

i am loving the growth that these female seeds are having as they are staying nice and low and that is just what I wanted as I am limited on space so I need to keep these around 2ft by 1 ft so I can fit all mine in the tent.

Buba-female-day-7Day 7
Female-Seeds-Bubba-02-19-Day9-Plant2-5Day 9
bubba-day-13-plant-1Day 13
fem-plant-1-day-13-toppedDay 13 topped


Bubba Plant 2

female-bubba-day-7Day 7
Females-Seeds-Bubba-02-19-Day9-plant1-1Day 9
bubba-plant-2-day-13Day 13
bubba-plant-2-day-13-topedDay 13 topped
<img src=""

out of the 2 bubba's this one is growing much better or fuller I guess, If I was able to clone it would be this one but you can't clone autos,

Thanks for checking out my Female seeds #growlog update #2, By next update I plan to have them all topped and ready for the final stage before they flip them selves.

#growlog #femelaseeds #bubbaauto #northenlights



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All them are looking good but I gotta lean towards the northern lights being my favorite.


Northern lights is mine as well, It is my favorite strain but this plant is rocking life

They look healthy. The first one might be a later bloomer. The bubbas look mighty fine but I also have to lean towards the NL. I tried it once and it was spectacular. Bubba I never tried. Hahaha


For these 3 plants the NL is growing the best, as for strain It is a way better strain as well, sucks I only got 1 of the 2 to take good thing I got 2 more

He's back and their looking happy, good to see you're making a strong comeback mate. Thanks for update, bong on bro. :-)


That are coming along great, Maybe one the best autos I have grown to date. Thanks for checking it out.


I hope it works out well for you mate, at least it's going to get warmer for you soon. Bong on bro. :-)


Yeah it is, I know a couple people that are getting clones ready so they are nice size plants in 2 months.

For someone how calls himself a "Rookie Grower" those look pretty good to me.


I have only been growing around 1 year and I have not grown that many plants, I have how ever been around growing a long time :)

Looking very healthy!!!!


Thanks, I am loving these genetics so far