Best part of waking up

4 months ago




I just got to say I love waking up to be able to open my tent and see the awesomeness these cannabis plants have.

Are you ready to come join me @skylinebuds and @jackdub tonight in canna-curate discord?

I am dropping a announcement with something I have been in the works with

#auto #flower

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two words: side panels
Seriously I took my old lights and mounted them on the side of my tent to give the girls some extra light on those bottom branches. It has only been 4 days since I have done it but the lower branches are really starting to produce like the top ones now. Why isn't growers with LED's talking about side lights?
btw the title had me singing the Folger's Coffee Tune but with the ending of Cannabis in your tent.... in that tune of course. If no one else sung that as you read the title your welcome... LOL


Someone just posted an article the other day about his one 360° LED. I told him to stager some down low! 😉 You are right on. Everyone always focuses on the main colas.

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I have heard that is is good, I honestly have no idea why I have never bought small 45 watt leds for my sides. I was running my t5 on the side they always seemed to pull that way.

Yeah I was singing that same song as I thought about the title

Looking great mate, I ll try to be there tonight(is it tonight Canada time?)if not will read you guys later, excited to hear the news


It is 7pm est but I know @jackdub is recording it

That would be a welcomed site daily! I will be trying to join the conversation for the first time. Hear ya then.


Be great to see guys come join the conversation


Got to listen in to a little of the GHRO and it was cool. Nice job @jackdub, @skylinebuds. Can’t wait for the details to hit #smoke for your contest. Nice to hear our neighbors to the north. @jackdub you are totally on with the fact that manufacturing is way harsher than dealing. Go figure. They push you to the pusher.

BRING IT!!!!!!

Awesome mate, they are looking super. That sight would bring a smile to any stoners face, bong on bro. :-)


It really is, seeing them all crystallize and shine 😁

Looks lovely bro.......