2x2 Grow Tent Update # 1 = Growing On a Crypto budget

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2 months ago

This grow is a "budget" grow, Well no jot really but I plan to start it with the equipment I have laying around. The plans also to cash out some crypto if and as I earn it. you can see couple crypto earning post Ionomy & Daily Report

Not much earning but they show you can earn a small amount. passive income is best but anyway back to the plants.

This plant was started 7 days ago by seed in a pot. I was planning to grow this one out and put it in the flower tent. but being the only fem seed I own as I prefer regular seeds I thought it was best to put her in this and clone after the 30 Days.



The soil mix is a "7" Gallon Supersoil transplant likely around 4.5 gallons of soil. This soil was used from the autoflower I just cut down. On the bottom is fresh super soil with the sides of the 7 gallons was reamended soil.

The Top dress was done with fresh super soil and EWC

The plan is to try and LST and tie the nodes to the old stocks to keep it lower with nodes. We will see how this goes as she grows with weekly updates.


The bottom of the hole was filled with myko to help add to great root growth.



For now, the equipment used it a 2x2 tent with a 4-inch exhaust fan and a 4-inch fan blowing across the plant. The light is a T5 96 watt 2 foot. This light is going to allow me to VEG no problem for 30 days but I will need to upgrade the light for flower.


Social Profiles :

cannacurate : https://discord.gg/kHXD3rP

linktree: https://linktr.ee/Skylinebuds

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