2x2 Grow Tent - Growing on a crypto budget week #2

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2 months ago

The purple bliss is showing some good growth with it now coming out of the seedling stage and into the veg stage.

This week we have added a nice top dress of homemade EWC. With the Earth Worm castings, I have added around 10 worms. The plans are to add more than that but I am still building my bin and trying to add to many will hurt the colony from growing.

The next thing was adding the mulch to the pot. The mulch is a few different things that are all cannabis-related cause I will be recycling all parts of the plant. With the fan leaves dry they make a nice semi-green mulch along with the stocks it is 2 different kinds of mulch that will help bring different bacteria and fungi. Or that's the idea anyway.

I also added to this mix a bunch of dried up cannabis I found laying in a jar.


When the seedling was planted I planted a cover crop of white and red clover. This is now starting to show and come up around the mulch.

The plan is to let this veg a few more days and start to tie it off to one side of the plant to get another top to grow.

When it comes to getting a light from the crypto post I have been making I plan to make this a weekly post as well.

Make sure to follow along and enjoy the videos on all 3 platforms and enjoy the post on all 5 platforms listed below




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