New Grow So Far June - July 2019

7 months ago

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Welcome! Nice ladies you got there. Two trees in one pot is something new to me. Could you give some detail on this growing strategy?


I am actually not growing these ladies for the massive buds I'm growing them to get feminized pollen from them to make feminized seeds so I can start my own little seedbank. So due to the limited amount of freedom pots I had available I just put 2 in a pot as I don't need them to be very big to get the pollen from them.

I will post updates and photos on how exactly I go about making the feminized seeds. So that I can share something useful to the Smoke network


That should be fun to watch. Thanks for the details.

Oh, hey @sic, welcome to Smoke network! :D


Thank you! Excited to be here!

Hey there....nice variety of strains ......

That's a very impressive growth undertaking - are you going to transplant the bigger plants eventually or will you just let them share the same soil? Couldn't the roots bind together?