LED Grow Going to be SO DANK!

7 months ago


#weedcash #420smoke #cryptosmokers #grow #LED #cannabis #marijauna

LED Grow I'm busy with at a friends place, massive variety of strains getting grown here #OGKush #GrandDaddyPurp #FireOG #AmnesiaHaze

Buds contain currently about 20% orange hairs! We will be harvesting once overall orange hairs are at about 70% and most of the trichomes are nice and milky.

Will post pics of the harvested and dried buds for a #nugporn post. Can't wait to blaze some of these strains!


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Your plant has more hairs than my head and beard combined!
They look stunning.


: ) Hahaha.... Thanks @psyceratopsb appreciate the compliments!

I enjoy reading your smoke logs keep up the good work!

Looking gooooood....

They seem to be stretching a bit due to the light being high, but that top led light you got probably is way intense to bring them any closer...

anyhow you should have some nice harvest there!


Yes 100% agree with you we only introduced the new 360W LED a few weeks into the grow. So unfortunately some were left searching for light. Won't let that happen again!
Thanks for your comment @carpediem !


We live an learn my friend :)
And growing weed is the best kind of learning in my book!

I am sure next time you will have much bigger crop, though it seems quite nice as it is!

Pots on pots I love it :D What kind of lights are those?


They are 3 LED Lights 2 of them are Apollo horticulture lights: one is a 400w and other one is a 360w then the small one you see dangling in front of the plants is a cheap chinese LED which I don't even think works properly but we added it in just in case it somehow contributes to bud development. Gotta love the Pots on Pots!!! Thanks for your comment @mrtree420

Damn thats looking awesome

Looking very high quality, great looking grow so far and some nice sounding strains, nice one 👍


Thank you for your compliments @indica ! Means a lot!