Week 3 Update. Tetrapak Challenge Featuring Santa’s Kandy

9 months ago

What's up Smoke! Time for another #tetrapak challenge update. For those just tuning in, check out this post here. We are trying to bring some excitement to the platform that has nothing to do with what the price of Smoke is. It is really one thing we have to ask ourselves, do we want to bring just crypto addicts, or actual cannabis people who do not give a shit about crypto? Yeah crypto is cool, the idea of decentralization is even cooler, but why the fuck will someone come in and invest when there are not even no cannabis grow logs, no cannabis reviews. This makes me think of the Instagram posts I have seen in the past when they where promoting Steem with price charts, or them withdrawing money from the ATM, and saying, "look at me, Im a duesch!" Im sure whoever saw that thought of Block Chain social media as a joke, and rightfully so! So yeah even though I know this contest is not the answer, but I do think it helps. It gives us something to talk about outside of the chain, that people will actually think is cool. So if you cant grow yourself, and you want to contribute, get out there and try to get people to join!.............

End Rant...


  • Photoperiod feminized seedling


  • Santa's Kandy F1 Hybrid


  • 3

Soil Type

  • Reg Soil with added nutes

Well after the last update there has been great improvement, and this seedling is loving life! I have not had to water much, due to overcast and cool days here in The Valley. So I have litterly just been sitting back and watching the grass grow. It did recieve it's weekly dose of Mammoth P. Which BTW is some great stuff! It is already showing improvement to all plants around my house. Even my cuttings love it. It is expensive, but totally worth it.

I wonder what my neighbors think of me when they see me doing photo shoots of a plant growing in an orange juice carton? Hopefully they think I am the coolest! You know what? You can be cool too! Just get a seed, a clone, and grow! That’s all. Forget about all the technical details of the contest. Just grow. That’s it. The other stuff is cherries on the cake. That is if it is to complicated for you. Or maybe you can share to social media due to persecution. That’s fine. Join in on the fun, and show us what you got! Peace, and stay tuned for more Smoke exclusives.



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Rant approved 😁 now that plant is showing some great signs of life again. Love the node space

As I stated on stream while reading your rant ... I agree and it is part of the focus of bringing community emphasis into the mix ... we have proven to have a belief in something greater then ourselves now we need to get behind that message ... I am not here to prosper I am here to enjoy my journey living the lifestyle that I love and hope to educate others how to empower themselves out of the systems designed to keep us down ... if I proper along the way so be it, I will find ways to pay that forwards!

Great looking girl my friend, I hope my Candy has a bigger surprise in her sack then Santa 😎

Looking very good so far! Rant is making sense too so I agree!


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