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What's up Smoke. So with last weeks problem I did not get a post up for my TetraPak contender. Lot'ts of growth since last update! It is barely even a seedling anymore. The LST training really has been helping. I totally will be doing this when I grow an auto flower, especially indoors. Look at those tops!

I went ahead and gave the contender a FIM job. Only additions to the soil in the last 2 weeks, have been Silica, and Mammoth P. Nothing else to really do, except let her soak up the sun.

So I recently upgraded my light in my tent. So that means I have a Mars T1000 not in use. I am thinking of bringing in the contender indoors, and finishing under the Mars. This plant is almost ready. I suspect in 1 week it will be mature enough to flip. Still I am unsure. The airflow sucks in my closet. I do suppose I can just run a fan directly on in full time. Something I try to avoid, but in such a small space, I would have no choice. Either way, I fell like I have a good contender this year. Way better then my Solo Cup Challenger. I will need a good one with all the other contenders looking good! @offgrid, @d00k13, @skylinebuds, and @loontic all have contenders as well. But this challenge is all about coming together, and the real challenger is yourself. Until next time!

#weeklygrowlog #tetrapakchallenge #cannacurate #caliweed

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Can't wait to see those buds!

Looking killer, Can't wait see you flower it