Tetra Pak Update Week 2, Santa's Kandy Fighting TO Stay Alive!

10 months ago

Whats up Smoke! It is now the second week of The TetraPak Challenge. For those just tuning in, or are a little late and unsure about getting in, trust me, just start to grow using the half-gallon, AKA #tetrapak, #tpak. It is fairly straightforward, and it is and will be fun!! If you just can't do it, please spread the word, let's get the community rocking! Ok let's take a look at my little Santa's Kandy Tpak entry.


  • Photoperiod feminized seedling


  • Santa's Kandy


  • 2nd

Soil Type

  • Reg Soil with added nutes

Not to much action for the 2nd week of my Tpak grow. The past few days my seedling has been looking a bit sad. I suspect coming from shitty soil to good soil shocked it a bit. I did hit with Cal/Mag Plus, and Mammoth P solution last week, and then realized that the Cal/Mag had been measured for older plants, so that also could of been the reason of the sadness. No worries though. Last night I hit with a mild 15Ml of coconut water to 1 gallon of water, and I see improvement.

For the next week I will water with plain water, and then judge to add anything after an assessment on next weeks update. Besides that I will keep my Tpak in the sun, and let mother nature do all the work.

The fun is just starting! Do not miss out, not to mention there are prizes up for grabs! Join the #tpak challenge today!

#weeklygrowlog #tetrapak #cannabis #cannacurate #tpak #contest #fun

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She is looking good. Love how she is praying to the sky


Yeah and just the day before it was praying to hell🔥

Wow, very amazing stuff you have. Keep on planting.