T-Pak Challenge, Featuring Santa’s Kandy

10 months ago

My T-Pak entry


Hello Smokers and Jokers! So excited to get a cool contest going on. Hopefully we can jump start something special here. Instagram has all the action, but we know that Block Chain far more superior


  • This is a photo period feminized seedling.


  • Santa’s Kandy


  • First Week

Soil type

  • Black Magic. I will use compost tea, and maybe some bottled nutes.

So I will be letting the sun grow my T-Pak contestant. I have zero space for my tent since I have it at full capacity. Besides, there is no light like the sun!

This is from my Santa’s Kandy that hermed on me, due to light stress. One day I picked a bud and threw the seed into a pot. Well it grew, and hasn’t been doing to good since the soil was that slow release bull crap. So yesterday I dug it up, and put into my Tetra Pak with some good soil.

This time around I have decided to turn my container into an air pot. During my Solo Cup grow I decided to poke holes in my container when my plant was established. I believe that shocked my Solo Cup entry, and it did no good. Also as you can see, I made sure to poke some holes for drainage. Roots grow best with good drainage, and air flow.


After the transplant I watered with coconut water. My solution was 15ml of pure coconut water, and 1 liter of RO water. Since my soil is packed with everything a seedling needs, I will water with pure water for the next 30 days. I also will be inoculating with Mammoth P once a week. Oh yeah, I will also be adding the most important ingredient, love. Lot’s of love! 😘

#weeklygrowlog #tetrapak #canna-curate #cannabis #tpak

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Great entry into the challenge. Love the post and hope she grows healthy :)


Screenshot from 2020-07-12 01-03-56.png
Keep on engaging my friend!


Thank you! I hope so too, and hope it is a girl, lol. But it should be, since it is from a herm, but there is always a chance a male can arise, or even worse, a hermie! But those are always the chance when you start from seed.

Amazing post man. Can't wait to see many more of these great post.


Thank you. I had fun doing it. I actually did it from my phone, and damn those pics load up nice! Might have to do it from the phone from now on, :)

Spread the love on thick! Good luck on your entry.


Hopefully i don't over due it, and give it a love lock out! :)

Man you treating that lady like she’s queen 😘


Yeap! Got to treat them good. :)_