Steem Og, The Idea Still Lives

last month

What's up Smokers! Even though Steemit has been a big let down, the idea of unity still exists. Something power hungry greedy people can not take away. Like I have said before, Steem Og is more then just a strain. I am excited to be running it again, and maybe running it for the last time, but the idea with still carry on. Maybe even be carried over to another group pheno hunt. But next time with something more on the Indica side of life. Maybe an auto flower. As long as it is high in THC, that is what really matters to me. Sure CBD is great and all, but for me CBD goes best with THC. We shall see what life throws our way.

A few weeks into flower

Since last update my Steem has been powering up. So cool to see the dark purple tips on the pistols. There are 4 wildfires near me, and it has been raining ash. It has done wonders for my plants. However I hope it dies down soon, especially with them being in flower.

Last week I sprayed bottom to top with Doctor Enzymes, just to have a peace of mind going into flower. Another thing that I have done, that I have never done before, was plant some companion plants.

I planted these Marigolds in hopes it will attract beneficial insects into my garden. It also is working as a cover crop. Not to mention it adds some beauty.

My feeding consists of Silica, and compost teas. The other day I used pure Honey for the first time brewing a tea, and the results are amazing!

High Brix

Never have I had such a religious plant, ;)

I recently got some bone meal amendment, which is high in phosphorus. It is a little to late in the game to top dress, since it takes a few weeks to break down. But I will just add it to a compost tea to give my flowers a good boost. Cannabis is a plant that loves light, and nutrients. I will provide whatever I can to produce high quality medicine, and at the same time achieving an abundance.


It is really not putting off any string aromas. Just a little woody and peppery notes coming off after a big whiff. What I remember from the last Steem I ran, indoors, was a sweet glue smell. Very intoxicating.


Hopefully she is not a 13 week finisher. I just do not know if the sun will stay shining in my backyard for much longer. That would be a big disappointment. I suppose maybe I could run an extension cord and put a light out there. Damn wouldn’t that be a site! Well until next time, peace everyone!


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Your plants look so healthy and vibrant. True to the worshiping wonders they are. Love the fact you’re running your SteemOG again, I still remember the previous posts from your last grow of her.

Once again a top notch post.


Thanks. I hope to pull a half pound off her.

Beautiful plants!