Steem Og(The Final Season)

2 months ago

Whats up Smoke! Today I want to share with you all my F2 hybrid Steem Og. Steem Og was my tribute to Steem way back before greed and corruption ruined it. The mother is a strain that still to this day is on my top 10 of all time favorite strains, Tahoo Og back crossed with the original cut of Og Kush. The father was a male we found from a few seeds of Inca Gold. I then grew that out and then selected the best female out of the F1 seed stock, to continue the Steem Og line. But this strain was not created just for the genetics alone. Steem Og is an idea. As a tribute to the Block Chain, I thought of using this seed as a way to unite the cannabis community, and also to put a promotional tool in the hands of like minded Steemians. Well 2 years have passed and a handful of people have made it to the finish line. 4 Canadians, 2 Oregonians, 1 person from Washington, 1 from Tennessee, and 1 in Jamaica! I really have no plans on working on this strain any further. Eventually I will like to start something again, but here on Smoke. I would also support and participate if anyone else happen to do this before me.

The father of Steem Og

So my current Steem is actually the biggest plant I have grown to date! Yeah it's small, but to me its a monster. I did some Super Croping, and LST early on to make it into the bush you see. I can not have it get to tall, or I will be inviting some unwanted visitors. Not the cops, but thieves. People see a plant, and they think gold, and dirt bags will be dirt bags.

I have been giving this gal compost teas, and Mammoth P. I plan to transplant into a raised garden bed I just made, and then I am setting up a SGROG. Going to see how big I can get it. I dream of growing trees, and someday I will, but this will have to do for now.

Another Steem Og, that I gifted to a good friend. He has been layed up in the hospital, and could not start his grow this year, so I figured I would give him a nice Teen. Now that one I did some LST very early, not as early as my TPAK, but damn I loved the way it turned out!

My only worry is that I run out of sun. Due to my apt building, the sunshine is not optimal. But since the plant will be in a raised be, It should finish good. We shall see.

My #tetrapak contender is rocking! Anybody who has not got theres started, it is not to late! What are you waiting for? Get that carton, poke some holes in it, and lets have some fun!! Peace and love to you all!

#weeklygrowlog #tetrapakchallenge #steemog #cannacurate

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We need more of this. Awesome grows are awesome.

An interesting narrative, a showcase. As a member, as a follower, we get vested in those grows too. Because we learn their story.

Others like lamonoverde give us all the details, the stats and specs for their grow. And that's great too. We learn from what they changed and get to see the amazing results.

Already now I'm looking forward to @relaylogix' next season. His current gal hasn't even started flowering but damn she's a beaut. I still want to know how @lamanoverde ended his harvest.

And I can't wait to read what your next strain will be.

This type of posts is underrated. Thanks for this story and report. And... MOAR PLEASE!

Addendum: @indaymers also deserves a shout out for her grow logs.


Yeah I agree. Don’t forget about artistos. That grow is text book!


Thanks for the shoutout @unnamed... been away for a while due to hectic moving days in our new flat. I´ll be posting soon.

First let me say, it’s awesome to have another grower that puts a top notch post together! I really like how I just had a walk in your backyard, not through video, but through my thoughts as I read you WORDS!

With that, I remember a Smoke OG, no?

Your Steem OG strain sure did come to a great fruition. In my opinion this alone shows the Dr. Green thumb in you. Breeding cannabis, no, Control breeding cannabis is a fine art that someday I’d like to have a hand in myself.

All your gals look phenomenal! Can’t wait to see the buds.


Damn bro thanks! That means a lot.
My smoke og attempt was a failure. But maybe I could cross this Steem og with something, I just need pollen.


@BIFBeans, let’s make a collab!

Looks really delicious!

It's sad that thieves would steal something so beautiful, but then again maybe that's exactly why they would. Unfortunate you have to limit yourself because of that, because if not, who knows how large you could get them! Thanks for sharing!


Yeah it’s a shame. And you know most of the time they steal a plant and don’t even know what to do with it, or even steal buds that are not even ready.