Steem Og

14 days ago

What's up Smokers! So it has been 17 days since I have done a Smoke post on my Steem Og. Well I do have to say she is coming along decent. I am a little concerned over the lack of sun she is getting. The past few days it has been so smokey, the sun is blocked. Not only that, the shade is even more prevalent, and the sunshine is becoming less each day.

So nothing but compost teas, Mammoth P, and Silica for this lady. I have stopped using the Silica, since I have heard if you use it late into flower, your buds will be very tough to break up to smoke.

Cover crop to attract beneficial insects

More ash keeps falling. I am starting to blow it off with a shop vac in the evening. I am positive my neighbors think I am obsessed with this plant. As more then likely they always see me taking pics, so I can do my posts on block chains. haha

Here is a how the sun looked in mid afternoon. So you see what I am talking about the sun not shining a full day. I wonder what my neighbors would think if I brought a light? I know one thing, I am not going to let this plant go to waste. I suppose I could bring it indoors for the remainder 6 weeks. I hope to god I do not have to resort to that. Well stay tuned. Things should get interesting.....

#cannabis #cannacurate #steemog #caliweed #outdoor

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Just move your fence back about 20 foot . 😁 But seriously ,good luck with that great looking plant.


Yeah! I am also considering that too lol

Scoot that girl over to the left corner!


The rabbit has made some crazy holes there. But good good idea I’m thinking about it now . I’ll monitor what it what is the sun does on Sunday in see what’s up

looking good man . :) yeah i think i would be moving the fence lol.


Lol. For a half pound of good outdoor just may have to