Santa's Kandy, The TetraPak Pheno

5 months ago

Santa's Kandy

  • F1 Hybrid
  • Grown in high quality potting soil
  • Fed with compost teas, silica, Mammoth P, Rabbit Poop
  • Week 9

Time for an update on my #tetrapak contender. For this being a novelty grow, I am quite impressed. Now it wont bring me a huge harvest, but for a plant I have put little effort into, I can not complain.

This pheno of Santa's Kandy is showing off stronger terps then the other two I grew out. this little plant is even putting off more of a strong smell then my Steem Og that is a few week ahead of it in flower. In fact this plant was already a strong smelling plant before it went into flower.

I decided to do a little last min LST, and bent down a couple branches. Just to give the tops better airflow, and to direct more sun to the bottom nodes. Receiving less then a full days sun has not been so ideal.

Which is why I have decided to put my contender under my MarsTs1000. But only for part of the day. I figured it would be easier to just use mix light, and keep the same schedule the plant has been on.

I am expecting a long flower time, since the last indoor SK I grew took 90 days to finish flower, and probably should of went 100. Got a Rabbit Poop Tea brewing, and will hit it tomorrow. It is going to be another hot one. If not the fog will just roll in, and I can just put my contender under the Mars, until the sun comes back.

#weeklygrowlog #cannabis #cannacurate #tetrapak #caliweed #weshouldsmoke

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Pretty impressive looking tetra. You should get some nice tops on there.