Santa’s Kandy TetraPak Contender

last month

What’s up Smoke? Hope all is well. It is a literally smokey here where I live. This is due to The River Fire. This morning I went to check out my plants outside, and it was raining ash! My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this fire. Luckily for me I live in the valley, and will be safe from the actual fire. As far as the air quality, that is a different story. Maybe this smoke will be great for my #tetrapak contender?



  • Santa’s Kandy F1


  • reg with added nutes


  • 7


The growth of this SK has been amazing! Every new top, I bend back. Which now I will stop, since sex has shown. Now I will wait till this heat wave passes before I throw in my closet under the Mars T1000.

Besides the LST I have been doing, I just Supercropped a few tops.


Not sure if it will be super effective, but it is worth a shot.


Here soon I will start to feed heavier on the phosphorus. If this pheno is anything like the pheno I flowered earlier in the year, I will be expecting this Tpak contender to be finished in 100 days. So if you still want to give this contest a chance to win some crypto, it is not to late! Peace


#weeklygrowlog #tetrapak #cannacurate #caliweed

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Crazy hot weather down there in California.... Stay safe. Don’t breath the air. Your Tetrapak grow looks awesome. I have some new seeds in the water and my transplant to the mint is doing great.