Indoor Update On My DarkHeart Cuts

last month

What's up Smoke! So it has been a while since I have done an update on my indoor grow. I have decided to give Smoke the exclusive to this update. I do not copy and paste my content. I enjoy giving each platform I post to something original. Today I will give my first indoor update in a few weeks.

My indoor setup

  • 32 inch x 32 inch x 54 inch tent
  • 240 Watt 3500k 660nm Quantum Board
  • Living Soil with compost teas, and silica from rice hauls
  • 190 Cfm exhaust
  • 100 Cfm intake
  • 30 pint dehumidifier


Two big changes since my last update. One I got rid of my Venom Og. It was just not doing to well. Second, I upgraded my light!



This new quantum board is bad ass! Twice as much as the Mars TS1000, and it was about the same price. I had to pick up. Now only one bad thing about my current grow. Also the reason why I have not been so excited to do an update. I have been battling Thrips. It has been such a pain in the ass. Usually I open my tent and I am excited to snap some pics, and show off. But with these Thrips, I open my tent, and I am my concerned and elimination. Luckily with some hard work, and a great product. I have got them under control.

I have been spraying everyday soon after lights off. Top to bottom. Lift the SGROG, spray, then put back in the tent with 13 hours of dark, then SGROG again, then repeat. Well after 2 weeks of doing this, I do not see any thrips! Now this is not the time to celebrate. Here in a few days I will spray again. After 14 days of flower I can not spray no more. As of now I am on day 7. Best believe I will use this window to make sure these fuckers are gone. The Enzymes is a great product. I do have to say with every day of spraying, these plants are in good shape. Not the best, but it is decent. Lot's of growth as well.

I even got a cool pin for my hat!

Besides all the headaches I just have been making some compost teas, and maintaining humidity below 50%. I do have a new addition to my feeding regiment, that has been a game changer for me......

This is water soluble Silica. It is made from rice hauls. Most Silica on the market is Potassium Silicate, and it is some dangerous stuff if you are not careful. It is also very high in PH. The Silica I have is PH neutral. I have noticed such an improvement on my plants.

Lollipoping is about complete. I have been taught to lollipop by day 21 of flower. I am sure more will come off by then. I also did an extreme lollipop before I began to spray for the Thrips. The less foliage=less spraying.

Even though this grow has been a headache, I am learning a lot. I have never had to battle with bugs before. Powder Mildew, unfortunately I have, but not bugs. So I can not complain. I do have to say these plants do not look so bad. It could be better. But living soil, and using compost is a huge learning curve. I have a ways to go. But I am having loads of fun along the way!

#weeklygrowlog #cannacurate #caliweed

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Excellent post! Thirps suck! Especially indoors. I like what you’ve done with the lighting, it looks bad ass. The gals look really good too. Please let us know how the enzymes work out. Again more posts like this everyone! Cannabis and content. You can’t go wrong!


Dude this stuff is amazing! It is citric acid and even smells good. I highly recommend it. You can get a free sample on their website here


This stuff says you can use it up to the day of harvest. I wonder if it leaves a smell or taste.


I’ve been instructed bythe best grower I know to not spray Enzymes after 14 days of flower.

I read that you can use clean play sand to provide a top layer to prevent bugs crawling out of the dirt 🤔


I actually just heard that as well. I will have to look into it. The spray I got actually works as a soil drench too, which I failed to mention I did twice. Each time after I replenished the microbes with a nice aerated compost tea.

Lovely! More updates please :D

Nice looking gals :)