Indoor Tent Grow, With Darkheart Nursery Cuttings

10 months ago

Hello Smoke! I can not say enough on how happy I am to be growing again! Not only does it bring me joy in my life, it gives me something to talk about. A while back I thought I was going to have to start writing about other topics, so I would not be so boring. Well fuck that! I can, and I will talk about cannabis as much as I can. Maybe you will see me posting about my family, or some lame ass walk, but I am all about the herb, and I will always be. Blah blah blah blah, ok enough non sense. Sometimes I don't even know what the hell I am saying. Lets look at my current indoor tent grow.

Here is my indoor setup. It is a 32 inch by 32 inch, and 54 inch tall tent. I have a fan, an intake fan, and an 190 CFM exhaust. My light is the Mars Hydro Ts1000. I have a dehumidifier that is placed right outside my intake. The only thing that is missing, is an AC. But for such a small grow, no way in hell would I be able to convince the boss(my wife) to let me install one in the room. I make due with what I got though. It can always be better, but I am happy.

Current strains

All clones are from Darkheart Nursery. The Venom Og, and the Vanilla Frosting are in Fox Farm Ocean Forest blended with Natures Living Soil. The GMO is in a soil that I picked up since they where out of Ocean Forest. It is called Empire Builder.

This soil was a little more expensive then the Fox Farm, but it supposed to be better. I do have to say that it is the best smelling soil I ever have smelled! Also look at the GMO, it is doing great! Yeah so it should be interesting to see how it does compared to my ones in the Living Soil mix. I will most likely give the GMO more compost teas then the other two, since the Living Soil mix basically has everything it needs all the way to flower. We will see. I am still learning the ins and outs of Living Soil. I will be adding Mammoth P once a week to all three.

I am using 7 gallon fabric pots. Really they are 5.15 true gallons. I am still on the fence with these pots. It seems they add more humidity to the environment then I would like. What is your all's experience with these? That is all for now. Soon I will be utilizing SGROG, and fill this tent up!!! This is my second run with this setup, and I puled 5.15 oz off the previous one. Wish me luck!

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You know I never thought that the fabric was the cause of higher humidity but that makes sense


Yeah I am not sure. I do know I am paranoid because I have PTSD from my experience with PM from when I was in the closet 😂😂


Didn't mean to self vote hit wrong flame 😂


It happens.


me too :P

Just keep on planting.. Plenty of stuff, great.!!!


Thank you!