What's The Final Weight? Gorilla Passion Harvest

3 months ago

Well the long awaited contest is here. My bush came down.

Here are the last few photos of her alive...



Many of you have been waiting for this post as I have seen the guesses coming into the harvest announcement post. I planned on having this post up a lot sooner, however this bitch took all I had to trim. The last week and a half have been nuts.

Generally I can cut the gal down and hang it in my basement to dry, dry trim it up and cure it all at one spot. This year, being 2020 and all, really fucked me up. I'll start with the fact I had to take her a bit early, I'm guessing a week or so, due to frost and rain. Had I not taken her, she would have been a complete loss and after 9 months of love, I wasn't about to let that happen. Secondly, there was to be a not so cannabis friendly government agency swinging on through our house on the following Tuesday. I started chopping on a Friday, this only left 2 days, 3 days tops, to get it all down, wet trimmed, dried enough to transport, move it across a city to an undisclosed location( without getting busted ), and re-hung before the bud was damaged. Whew, that's even a lot to type.

What a crazy situation that truly lives up to the phrase 2020. No worries though, put a pot head on a mission and watch that magic happen. Here is where pictures begin to tell the story of my last week and a half...

Chop Chop


Here were the first true branches I chopped off. Previous to these two branches( yes this was only 2 branches split into 5 manageable units ), I had only chopped off some itty bitty larf branches to keep me stoned.


I made pretty quick work of the wet trim on the few I had taken, that probably took an hour or two. Again, this was only two branches...I was starting to do some math in my head and estimating trim time. There was absolutely no way I was trimming all that up in time. Had to call in the reinforcements. First, just my brother from another father, then later that night he called up his brother from another mother. This shit was getting legit, so I offered 1/8 an hour pay to trim my cannabis up.












Trimming up the Gorilla Passion was a chore, a pleasant one at that, but all to much a chore. We joked about closing our eyes and all we could see was cannabis leaves. Too real.


Wet trimming is relaxing, smells great, and has beautiful imagery.






We trimmed well into the morning hours, I crashed at 3, as I had 3 rascals to attend to the next day, my brother crashed at 6 up by 8 trimming again as I watched the kids. I helped trim throughout the day as the kids were occupied or sleeping. Once my gal got home from work I was back to 100% full steam trimming. I really have to say, my brother almost trimmed 24 hours straight. Damn commendable.

The next day...




We dented it but honestly, we hadn't even gotten to the big shit. All the big bud fell over itself and the bush was one big clump. With rain to come within the hour, she had to be taken the rest of the way. My house smelled SO GOOD...


Look at the stalk[s]...






This put a new meaning to hanging out!


That was the wet trim weekend, and a fucking intense one at that. I may have gotten 6 - 7 hours of sleep from Friday to Monday. My brother had less. Moral of the story here is that we were able to get it all down and wet trimmed except 3 or 4 branches. In my world I call this a win.

Monday night came, grabbed a couple of 16x16x60 cardboard boxes to transport the goods to the next location. It took us two trips to move it all. This is the way to do it no doubt. This all went off without a hitch, bump, or grind. Let me tell ya, it is a bit nerve racking driving ### grams of cannabis attached to the stems still a bit wet across town. It is not ok to have cannabis in my state, let alone grow it. Growing it is actually worse, the authorities slap you with manufacturing. Which is a high class felony. Fuck it, we're doing this.

Got the room ready with hemp cord hanging wires, which were made similar to the way you make a SCROG, just only one way. Now to carefully arrange the branches...










Fast forward to the following weekend, now it was time to dry trim it up. All the same suspects with the addition to another one of my brothers from Illinois, he had to be a part of this endeavor, as well as my first mentioned brother's special lady friend. Let me tell you the scissors were totally scissoring, buds were being smoked, laughs were being had. A real good time if I say so myself. A memorable time no doubt.





Even after all the trimming, we needed to get it out of the location it was at. The whole building stunk for a week, I can't believe we didn't get busted there. Those neighbors are awesome!!!! We hadn't gotten through it all though, what do we do? I said "Fuck it, Shuck it" and as I handed the branches to my brother, after cutting off the best tops, he just pinched the stem and slid his hand from bottom to top into a 5gal pail. Ploop, ploop, ploop, the buds just jumped off the stalks. Sure some stem gets in it but so what. Check out the hash hand.









Just look at her remains...


The Finale



Man my hash hand. Yes, we smoked the hash we could scrape from the fingers. Not to mention all the scissor hash we smoked on....




Guess the weight of the Gorilla Passion harvest for 1000 SMOKE. Also being thrown in is 420 SMOKE from @tecnosgirl. Thank you @tecnosgirl for the contribution.

I know pictures hardly show depth but here are the pics I have of the harvest on the table. I usually put it in quart mason jars as 1 ounce fits in there perfectly. Last year I needed 24 jars but this year I didn't want to have to burp so many jars as well as I did not want to purchase more so I went with the 5gal food grade bucket. These buckets have a screw access lid and so far have been fabulous for curing.





Contest Ends In 7 Days As This Post Expires So Get Your Guess In The Comments Below.

Please make your guess in grams.

Well Folks, until next time, toe toe toke it up...



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575 grams

... my All-In-One crashed trying to load all the pics .. LOL

Very Impressive!


What’s your guess?






That’s what my All-in-one is saying each time I open this post 🤣🤣🤣

700 grams 😊


Take a second guess, 700 was a guess prior to your guess.


oh, sorry, i didn't notice. 727 grams 💚

Maybe it is 629 grams.

What a harvest! Amazing and so impressive.. My guess is 700 grams.


Its really amazing 😊💚

1344 grams

27 oz. Or 864 grams


Somebody knows their buckets ;)


Relay, congrats on a whirlwind of a growing season. It is not easy, what you have accomplished, especially for an outside grow....in an illegal state! All that stress youve accumilated throughout your grow/harvest....you can finally relax and enjoy ALL your hard work! Then the process starts all over in the spring. Which leads me to highlighting a post under the "legalize" tab....
Anyway to my guess the weight....

My guess is 832 grams


625 grams

I also have to add, I feel so much damn pride in this plant. You did all the hard work loving it and growing it but to see a seed I bred turn into that monster of a plant gives me a big sense of pride. I got a lot off her sister seed indoors and she was naturally bushy but to witness through your posts how she has grown makes me not only happy for you but excited I bred something that consistently has produced high yielding plants.

Maybe, it would be 725 grams! Have a good night .
Thank you for this challenge.

WOW! Such a big harvest for a single plant! I guess a bountiful 800 grams for this awesome harvest.
My answer is:

800 grams

952 grams or 2 lbs 2 ounce.

Let me tell ya, it is a bit nerve racking driving ### grams of cannabis attached to the stems still a bit wet across town. It is not ok to have cannabis in my state, let alone grow it. Growing it is actually worse, the authorities slap you with manufacturing. Which is a high class felony. Fuck it, we're doing this.

Don't worry, I'll be sure to inform the authorities. Seems like you're in the States, so it won't be that hard to get a word in with the DEA. ;-)

What a fucking retard. :-) I love it when dumbasses expose they're growing illegally. You're definitely one of the lowest IQ fucking retards I've ever seen. LMFAO! What's even better is you've got faces in the shit! As well as fingerprints! LOL! Fucking moron! :-D

Y'know, I thought that bushed seemed awfully close to the house. If it were legal I'm sure you could've found a better spot no doubt. Kinda figured you were a sad sack of shit who had to break the law, but now I have full confirmation and plenty of info to get you prosecuted. You even posted pics of your house/surrounding houses and terrain. Major L for you, you fucking maggot. LMFAO! :-)))

Those are some beautiful finger shots. Prints are even more clearly defined by the dirt! Thanks bud! Doing all the work for me! :-D


Good for you!


Great for me! :-) This one is gonna feel great hearing back about. Such a low IQ, but you act so high and mighty. Love it. Fucking retard. :-)


Pretty sad that you've implicated your "brothers" directly now too. Wonder if the time in prison is worth that 8th/HR that you paid them? LOL! (You've also broken even more laws now, felony laws, by paying people to do work for you and by paying them with bud. You've now added distribution as well as other business laws to your list of broken laws. Man are you fucking stupid posting about this shit! LOL! Even if you were in a legal state and lying, you've still broken felony laws now by paying people to do work for you and distributing bud to them. :-P)