The Parasitoid Wasp [Aphids Watch Out]

6 months ago

waspsting.png     wasphatch.png

So I posted an article yesterday asking if anyone could tell me what I took a picture of. I offered 10 Smoke to the first correct guess. I managed to get 2 guesses. Seems like no one is into free Smoke? So for @writer43 and @indica, you will both receive 10 Smoke just for your participation.

The first two photos were referenced from google search. This photo I took of a rose leaf in my yard. This particular rose is loaded with mummified aphids.


The story goes...This Parasitoid Wasp hunts aphids, when it finds one it stings it. During this sting, the wasp impregnates the aphid with a parasite. This parasite devours the aphid from the inside out. Once the aphid dies, considered a mummified aphid, the larvae drags the carcass of the aphid to a good location and spins a cocoon inside the remains. Once the larvae goes through its metamorphosis and becomes a new Parasitoid Wasp which breaks out of the aphid shell through a tiny hole it creates.

These wasps are super tiny, growing to a measly 2mm(0.078in), and super fast. I still have yet to see one. I definitely have the signs they are around! This is considered a beneficial insect to some because of its prey, in my mind though, the last thing I want in my crop is a bunch of mummified remains of aphids. I think as a cannabis cultivator, I really hope they stick to my roses. The mummified remains are actually fastened to the leaf and take a bit of effort to remove. I could only imagine at harvest time trying to pick all those off. Yuk!

Anyway, hope I kicked a bit of knowledge your way, I've learned so much about bugs this season I'm impressed. Ladybugs, Green Lacewings, Parasitoid Wasps, this world is cra cra. Could you imagine coming up against a 2 foot one of these? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Until Next Time, Toe Toe Toke it up!!!



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Thank you @RelayLogix for the smoke and education on bugs!

This is crazy man, eww! 😂 🐛