The Long Awaited Harvest Is Here.

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Harvest time has arrived my Smokanians… I am busy trimming my stash, and when I say busy, I mean busy. This is a lot of cannabis to trim up by ones self, but I can assure you it can be done. I will show you how to take this much beautiful herb, and keep on top the process so as not to spoil your spoils!

Let me walk you through the last pictures taken of my beautiful Snow White plant this year. She was just an eye popper, jaw dropper in my opinion. With the harvest looming near, her White Widow mother began to show through in the snow capped crystal peaks I call glory. Her smells were vibrant with a hint of fruity wine. The gaseous aroma that makes you ponder what may lie inside. Just when your nose is getting adjusted to the scent, the pungent skunk rings through. The smell is quite layered with sweetness. The abundance of white trichomes gives her buds a nice snow capped look to which I'm sure played a huge part in the strains name.








These next pictures were taken the night I began to take her down. Quite nice the sunset was really reddish pink, it gave for some fabulous lighting for her final bon voyage.



Snow White is a great strain for ANYONE, ANYWHERE. I grew this bush smack dab in the middle of a city here in Wisconsin. Though my JCExtreme makes me nervous each time she farts, this Snow White is a great stealth grow. Her smells are sweet and aromatic, not easily mistaken for cannabis. The height of the plant can be kept to a very manageable size, and her yields are in my opinion fantastic.



Snow White produces some nice dense chunk like buds in stacks up and down every branch. I'm really going to miss walking out to the garden for a look n smell. However, like everything else good, it must come to an end. This is an end that the amber in the trichomes is showing me quickly has approached.




I like to have a few different potencies of my crop so I took the Snow White down over the course of 3 weeks. Each weekend I trimmed up what equated to about 3 ounces dry ready to cure cannabis. This will ensure if I want to be floored I can just reach into a jar with a later date on it, if I want the uppeddy buzz I'll grab some of that early pickin's. If you have the option of producing this much personal, I would suggest you try this practice. Everyone gets burnt out on smoke if its just the same old smoke. I like to mix it up a bit.




Looking at the close ups, my mouth is watering. Loading up a bowl of Snow White now....



Look at those trichomes. Quite possibly my best grow to date.







I am sitting here smoking a bowl of this fine Snow White scrolling through the post proof reading, I reckon no need to apologize for the mass photo dump here on the Smoke platform.

This was, well has been, the site at my house for the last month. If you want to grow, be ready for long nights of trimming, sticky everything and sore backs n necks. Let me tell you, it sounds awful, but it is very rewarding.







Half done with her.


Last look before I took the last of her fruits.

As you all know, the Snow White was not my only plant, as a matter of fact, I also have the JCExtreme and a Vanilla Kush to cover. We'll hit the Kush next...


I wanted to let her go for a couple more weeks when we got hit with a ferocious rainy windy storm. Come the morning after, my baby was sprawled out in the mud. I attempted to pick her back up but she was too laden with water. So I pulled her roots and all.

Too bad, she was plumping up nicely. Look at some of these colas...








Due to the moisture, I had to do a quick overall trim to remove any excess leaves which may be trapping in the moisture. Last thing I want is my long hard work ruined in days by mold.

After trimming and hanging the Vanilla Kush, I obtained approximately 2 ounces of curable cannabis. I have not really smoked on this strain yet, look for the review in the future.

Last but not least by any means, my monster JCExtreme.


JC is still happily plumping up in my back yard as I compose this post. She is looking phenomenal. A true landrace sativa as she appears. The ripening time is a bit long for my area, but I really lucked out this year. The weather has been exceptional barring a couple of really big storms, thus allowing me to take this plant to its potential. Last year I had to pull this strain in mid September due to frost, the difference is night and day. She is so much fuller this year, and just popping buds everywhere. Though her buds appear to be 'fox tailing' a bit, it appears as if this is a trait of this particular strain. All the fox tails are symmetrical forming perfect looking colas! I will also be doing a post about this 'fox tail' phenomenon, look for that in the future as well.

Here are some more pictures of JC to end this post. Just look at the buds on this gal...







Looking through this post, I really did have a wonderful grow season this year. I hope you all enjoyed the journey.


This is the haul, about 10 ounces so far jarred up, I have about 2 more ounces of Snow White hanging to dry in the basement and then the main event. Trimming up the JCExtreme.

Until next time stoners toe toe toke it up!



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Love seeing all those jars lined up!

Congratulations my friend! And now it's your turn to harvest you fat buds and oh my really have plenty to work on.. I know the work involved. I had back pains ang stiff fingers in trimming the weeds...Lol. But our work planting them was worth it... cheers to you!

Congrats, that's a lot. This is really a wonderful year for you no doubt 💥

Why you harvested now? - I'd wait a little longer

No offense, but looking at those pics, those buds look a few weeks early for my taste.


Or.... You could wait a few days, have a heavy rain and a hard frost and lose everything.


No offense taken, that’s the joy of producing your own. You can pick it to your own tastes. A point we all should touch on a bit more.