Possible propagation next season?

last year

So as you all know, I have this awesome strain that just puts out the yields. Though tough to keep under control, really difficult indoors, this plant has some pure genetics.

We attempted to get this strain indoors to use as a mother for future generations, but the stretch on her is just phenomenal. Plus the duration of flower being as long as it is, one of the longest flowering I have grown. Made for the disicion not to maintain it in my buddies 5 foot tent.

This meant JCExtreme NoName would be done at the end of this outdoor season. However, I think something may have crossed with my lady outside, I was maticulously going through the plants today and came across a couple of these seed sacs. As you look at the structure of the other buds, this is very different, much larger.


This has me excited! Fingers crossed I get a seed or 2. Even if I were to get a male, I would pollinate something with it. I like the fact it has such large yields. Although, the actual genetics are still a true mystery(hence the name JCExtreme NoName), the way this gal hits you, she’s a definite heavy sativa.




Here’s to future NoName generations. Until next time, Toe Toe Toke it up...



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have you had success cross pollinating in the past?


Never attempted it. I’d like to try.