Plant Training

2 years ago

How I Trained My 1 Misses.


Excuse the draft image, it is winter here.
However, I can say it is original!

As we all know the lower branches don't much amount to anything growing outdoors. A lot of my friends actually cut these branches off early on with the thought of less for the plant to support for such little crop. I truly disagree with this practice. I believe that this harms the plant. Makes the plant more susceptible to disease and pests.

Right or wrong, I on the other hand weave the lowest branches up through the plant. By 'weaving' the lower branches up and using small weights on the higher branches to control their growth out instead of up. I produce a 'hedge' like affect. This is awesome for larger cola yields.

I use smaller to medium fishing river weights, I tie a piece of cotton string using a piece of cloth to protect the branch. Do not tie the weight tight around the branch as this will constrict the vital flow to the plants limb over time. I suggest periodically relocating the weights, and also visually inspecting the tie points. As the plant grows the branches will enlarge rather quickly. Believe it or not, I didn't inspect all of my tie points and two branches grew into one. Literally.

There is no doubt this contributed to a 1/2 LB #harvest from 1 plant. Another nice thing is the plant height can be controlled without losing weight.

Any thoughts? Any Tips? Am I in left field?



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I can't wait to either grow outside or have a bigger indoor space. This is really cool.

I try practice training on anything i can get my hands on. Tamatoes, basil and even male plants. Nice diagram!

Are these weights free hanging? I have been looking into the same


Yes! Just continuously moving them out as need be. The plant naturally wants to grow up. Gingerly bend her down a bit and hang a weight.


Lol. I don't know how how I double posted but it happened. Thanks for the Zen reference. Makes total sense.

Are these weights free hanging from the branch?


The key is the size of the weight. Think of zen balance.!!