Outdoor Grow 2020 Season Begins [Get Them Seeds In]

2 months ago

Just Lit The Sprouting Box For The 2020 Season

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2020 Outdoor Season Has Begun

       Well it's February again, and without hesitation, it is time to begin sprouting your seeds in Wisconsin! This year ought to be a good year, I am expecting early warmth in our area the way things have been going.

       So; what am I growing this season? If you remember last year were JCx, Snow White, and Vanilla Kush. This year, I will have 4 clones of the same Snow White plant I grew last year. No joke, the cutting will be from a mother with identical genetics! Stoked about that! I have also sowed some seeds to get the early jump on this grow season. Among them are, 1 Sunset Sherbert, and 4 Snow White crosses, where Snow White was the seed bearing mother. I am really excited to see what characteristics the strain will exhibit. I am not sure if it was crossed with the JCx or the Vanilla Kush, or for that matter some unknown or even possibly itself. I do grow outdoors so it is hard to point to one isolated cause.

       I will be growing 1 JCx plant this year as well, however I am not going to start her early. She is such a lanky plant that reaches high for the sky, I think if I start her later, I may be able to control it a bit better. JCx, being such a strong sativa, grow late into the fall. I have never been able to get her the full distance. Always within a couple weeks when we end up getting that first hard frost. Last year I was lucky enough to get most of the way through October.

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       Well, in the beginning there really isn't much to show. There's the hopefully gals, can't wait to see them pop!

Until next time, Toe, Toe, Toke it up...



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I wish you luck my friend... me, I´d probably be getting clones from th grow shop and try to germinate the rest of the Green Poison seeds I got from Granada. The thing is we are moving to a new apartment in 2 months time and it´s quite hectic because I started packing already my household things. But, I will surely grow again, just a matter of time.


I will be awaiting your next grow!

Would love to see that Gorilla Passion growing outdoors. It grows bushy naturally without much nudging.


Ok I will plant one this year. How bad’s the smell?


The smell is fruity it is strong but it doesn't smell like most cannabis plants. It actually smells fruitier than the Passion Fruit when it grows and that is this strains momma.

So early in season ( no lights being used after germination?)


I use lights? Guess I don’t get the question.

This is a great time to get going on this year’s crop. I will need enough time to tent some clones for gender discovery. Hence the early start.