Outdoor Grow 2020 [Gorilla Passion]

2 months ago

Hello all you stoners... Today I am bringing you a brief update on my grow this season. I am fortunate to be growing @tecnosgirl's Gorilla Passion, and yes we have a female! As you can see in the next couple pictures. She has hair!


Beauties; No?

This plant is just a little bush. Well formed, in my opinion. I'm glad I was able to veg her indoors for the early spring, as it was much too cold here to get outside. Almost June before I was able to really get the garden going this year. That is a late year for my climate / annual light schedule.


Here are some more pictures of the garden setup so far this year. It is still early in the grow, so there's not much my pictures don't say.


The other plant is a no name good bag seed from my guy. Unfortunately, I have to keep my eye on that one, it may be forming male genitalia.


What's that in the bush?


Ah just some security.

Until next time stoners, toe toe toke it up!


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The security seems tight 😍

Great girls.

Nice! I love the protection! 🌿🌿

I wanna get my hands on that leaf!! Big long leaf bro... that's how you roll an epic hemp cigar. :D None of that little tiny dinky stuff.