Nature’s Good Guys [Bugs By Order]

last year

Hello fellow smokies. Today I’m going to put a little name drop out there...


I’ll start by introducing the company. Nature’s Good Guys my new bugs for order site.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with my situation, I’m an outdoor grower that has an Aphid issue. I used all my go to methods to try to prevent the buggers this year to no avail. They have been a real nussence this year. Presenting themselves early on in the grow. Growing outdoors, I always have to put up with bugs, however it is usually the end of August before the invasion takes place. This year the invasion began at the end of June to the beginning of July, and has been ongoing since.

I needed a good alternative to pesticides as I really don’t want to smoke the chemicals. That is when I stumbled onto the Good Bugs site. They offer a ton of different types of benificial bugs. From my choice, the ladybug, to beneficial Nematodes. The prices aren’t bad either, I only paid 20$ US for 1500 bugs. That was shipping and all.


One of the most interesting things that stood out to me was the customer service. When my package arrived it looked like the postman stepped on it. The bugs still appeared alive barring the 10 or so that were in the corner that was crushed. The box had been broken open and I was unsure if the 1 plastic mesh contained all 1500 or if the box truly should have had 2 mesh packages in it, as the 1 mesh only appeared to me to have about 750 to 800 bugs in estimation. Also in the package was a flyer that said if you have any issues with the shipment to please reach out to the company. So I did.

I sent an email explaining my situation and expressed that I was unsure if I had received the correct amount of bugs due to the damage to the package, and my estimation of bugs contained.

Pleasantly surprising, the company promptly sent me a reply to my email. They explained the 1 sack was in fact the 1500 bugs. After expressing their condolences for the damaged package and loss of 10 bugs, they informed me they would be sending out a replacement order to cover the lost bugs!

Honestly, they could have just told me, 1 sack is right and have a nice day. That is not what they did though. The company held some integrity, and though not at fault, replaced the loss of the ladybugs, even if it were only 10 out of 1500.


To my amazement, Nature’s Good Guys sent me a replacement order of 300 bugs. Wow. In today’s marketplace to not have to but still replace an order! Commendable.

I’d recommend anyone fighting pests to check out their site. There are all sorts of bugs to eliminate all sorts of pests, and they carry a lot of varieties.


Until next time Toe Toe Toke it up..



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Hey, what's up bro? Damn, that's a shame that you have to take such drastic measures, but that's a great tip with the ladybugs instead of using pesticides!


Bugs, love / hate relationship.